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July 21, 2015



Great post Margie! Depression is so very real! My mom had it, I have it and 3 out of four of my kids have it. Talking and loving and giving is so important. We do need each other. My heart breaks for your friend. How brave that she spoke at his funeral and how wonderful that she has a testimony of Jesus Christ and the next life and knows she will be with her son again. I admire you openness and bravery too. Thank you.

Jeanie Dickinson

you don't know me but i loved your post today....hearts break in silence ALL the time.. I told my friend today the one thing we all need to know and feel on a constant basis is that we are loved and loved unconditionally but in today's world that can be so hard to find. we are each of value we are of worth--let go of perfectionism, you are you and needed and amazing. I wish i knew how to get this message out more. but the world tells a different story to us sometimes the people we love and should love us hurt us until we just don't believe anymore. I grew up in an abusive home and always said i would break free....but you have to have faith and strength and it is a life long battle. it is so very hard to fight the worlds negatives and depression is not a whim it is about things not quite connecting just like with an autistic person or a diabetic. I only have a few good friends-- my children have not been so lucky to find that. just 2 years ago i had a child i was doing suicide watch over. i had to do this for another child during teenage years. depression is rough and real. I've never really had serious depression but 5 years ago i survived a fire and it triggered a complete break down I used art, positive quotes and learning to come back (with Heavenly Father's help)....I am finding since my mom's death on July 8 every thing is a little overwhelming. and i recognize this as part of grieving but need to be careful it would be so much easier to crawl in bed and stay there. Art helps and heals. Depression is a life long illness and good job using art to help heal your heart and balance where you are and what you need to do to stay focused.


Can these be taken on I phone I don't have computer


When does this start? And is Metamorphis a self pace class now?

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