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July 16, 2014



Perfect timing - right there with you babe!! I take any class you offer; they are always amazing. Dish it up :))

Melanni Partridge

Margie thank you for sharing. Everything you have said I am sure resonates with each and everyone of us at some point in our loves.
P.S. Love the boobs comparison, LOL

Beth Williams

I'm in-birthday present to myself! This is something I need.


I am ready to turn into a pretty butterfly! lol Thank you for this time for "me" Grace xoox


My anniversary! Can't wait for it! You. Are. Awesome.


THis really resonates with me. Excited to have this summer project. Just wanted to say....I follow you on IG and find you very inspiring. I love seeing your giving spirit with your kids, family and friends. My kiddos are my everything too :) Thanks for all your positive and kind energy, and to supporting women!

Lori Walker

Girl you are speaking to my heart. I know we are not alone in this self doubt, comparison crap. I totally believe in championing one another and cheering as loud as we can while others race so that they will be in our corners when its our turn. There is enough HAPPY for us all. Lets go get it!!!
Thanks for all you do to make my life happier!!!!!

Leah C

Wise words from a wise & amazing woman!! Thank you, Margie...for speaking the truth about women & for helping us celebrate ourselves.

Leah C

P.S. Signed up for the workshop! But, boo-hoo, the kit is already sold out;( Any chance you'll have more?


I so loved this post! After a rough beginning of the year I have really felt like this year is the year of finding out who I am personally and what I want my small business to be. Every time I feel stuck in my progress I will find something wonderful that encourages me to keep going! Thank you!! ♥

Peggy Lee Baker

Dear Margie, wow as I was reading this I kept thinking this is so me....I am a strong person, but I to hurt, cry, and I hate being alone (I don't mind a quiet evening alone) but to many days makes my mind wonder to the neg. poor me/if I's! This past couple of years have been extremely hard on me from have illness that lead to many surgeries, to my oldest going to college, then finances issues, to losing our home (we had to give it up) which I lost so much in that one alone...to my youngest graduating and getting read y to join her sister in ministry school. Now comes the empty nest season and I am so not ready as I type tears are flowing...I know God is with me but I think this is more than I can bear....I am so happy to see this workshop cause I never put me first...time for that to change...thanks again my friend!


Margie, I didn't know your story fully but always love when you post photos of hubby and yourself. I am SO HAPPY that you found each other again....marriage is hard....even after 25 years and two children later. You know I admire you way back here in aussie land. I so wish at times that we could pull up a chair and chat. Would that be great. Keep up the fabulous, inspiring, encouraging work that you do. You truly do have a huge heart and a creative one at that. I would love to take on this class but have to watch my pennies at the moment BUT I will love watching and stalking your gorgeous feed for all the fun that you will bring to this class. I applaud YOU. (_withinmyworld_)


I could so relate to what you said in a hundred differnt ways. So excited for this min workshop. It's something I really need to do for myself!!!

Alicia Gay

This is me in a nutshell. I find it very incouraging to know I'm not alone. I'm ready to focus on me. My boys are now adults and I am literally by myself, so this came at the perfect time. Thanks so much for spreading your joy and sharing your heart!

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