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February 24, 2014


Tiffany Fairbanks

I know everyone says this but...PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!

Ann-Marie McIntire

Oh wow! How awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to "stretch" with you :) Danielle's work is so beautiful and fun!

Robin Redd

I would LOVE to win a spot in this class! I love learning new art!!!!

~Robin Redd


Oh I remember the young little girl who always loved Art class and always wished she could paint and draw but always felt like she couldn't. She turned to crafting and scrapbooking to express her inner artist! Maybe it's time to find her again! That's great you are stretching yourself. I think as we move through different life stages we reconnect with things we think we couldn't do, or should have done or learned to do when we were younger. That's my outlook right now anyhoo.

Andrea Aeschliman

I would love to have the opportunity to stretch my creative wings with you in this class! Thanks for the chance.

Melanni Partridge

I would love the opportunity to learn Danielle's techniques! Thank you for the chance to win.


So generous of you!!! Would love a spot.

Debbie Foster

Thanks so much for the opportunity- never considered myself an artist- but would love to stretch myself as well :)


Wow...I would so love to win a spot in her class...thank you for the chance!!!

Julia Rene'

I agree Danielle's work is so inspiring. I love the detail....I could sit there and stare at a piece for hours and still find things that I didn't see before.
Margie - You are such a generous person - thank you for your inspiration with 'Spark' classes as well and for the opportunity to win a spot in Danielle's class.


Margie - this sounds like an awesome class. Her work is gorgeous! I would love to play along!


I need this class! I hope I win this for my inner artist that needs a push to come back out!
This would amazing and I would be so great full!


Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to win a spot in this class! Amazing!!

Michelle Lekar

That looks like an amazing class!! I'd love to learn more about watercolor, and I love Danielle's style! So, yes, I'd love to win a spot :0)

Patti Golden

I have been looking at this class. Would love to win.

Tomi Ann

Ooooooooooooh, this is just what I need. I would love to win this! Thank you!

Tina Johnson

This looks like a class I'd love to try out. I would love to win a spot...and it's over my birthday week. I wouldn't want to spend it any other way than being creative!

michele hamilton

I would love a spot with you but regardless of whether it is a gift from you or a gift from me I am going to take this class. Love you M!


I would love to take this class. It would be a stretch for me, but this would be fun to try. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Martin

I LOVE Danielle and her teaching style. Would be so honored to win a spot in the class. Her whimsey and love for color is extremely inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity!

Amy G.

I have actually been thinking about taking this class since it first saw it on Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network site but admit that I am feeling a little scared to try it. I would love to step outside of my comfort zone ...looks like a fun one.


FUN!!! I would love to win this class!

Marilyn Johnson

I am already signed up but I would love to win! Can't wait for class!

Joyce Larkins

Would be such a fun class to take - thanks for sharing this with your "friends".


oh how fun! would love to take this class!

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