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November 07, 2012


Traci Johnson

I feel sad and sickened today. I understand why Obama was elected in 2008 but I truly don't understand it this time around. I guess it's not for me to understand. I, too, will pray for the President and I hope this government can get something accomplished but first and foremost, I will take care of myself (as I always have). I just hope I don't have to take care of all the other people who aren't taking care of themselves.

P.S. I never realized you were an actual Romney, I never made the connection. You should be proud!


Margie, you are graceful. Thought about adding "in defeat", but I know you are not defeated. You, my dear, are never defeated. You are happiness personified. Go forth and share happiness!


Love you and love your heart. I agree with everything you said.


Sweet lady...thank you for sharing your heart. Thankful to know you and what is important to you. Thankful to know people like you and Rhonna who always speak wisdom and inspiration.
And what a wonderful legacy you have.

Nikki Weber

I love this post!!
I don't have the background that you do, but really struggled last night with the outcome.
I woke to Facebook posts from both sides of the political aisle that were mean spirited and it seriously made sick.
It is nice to read a blog that is uplifting...
& May God Bless the USA



Beautifully written. Thank you.


Well said. Thanks for the perspective. It is a sad day for me as well.


love you forever sweets! xxoxo


I am sad. But we can't lose hope. I love this post. You are amazing. Mitt seems so amazing and real to me. Love ya!


beautiful. thanks for sharing your heart.


and again...you put it into just the right words. it'll all be ok. you know the funny thing is one of the things i was most worried about was that he would be so disappointed and sad. i'm a goofball, i know, but that would just suck so bad to go through all of that and not win. have a beautiful day, you romney girl! you have lots to be proud of with that name. xo

Jenni Hufford

Margie, i feel much the same as you do today- so disappointed and sad. You shared such kind and gracious words, especially considering your family experience.

We will certainly continue to face hard times under this administration, but i'm discovering tha with hard times comes opportunity to learn and grow. My prayer for our country is we take these hard times and pursue growth in economic, social, and biblical truths.

Cherri Engle

Couldn't have expressed it any better. I don't have to 'understand' I just have to trust God. He is still in control! Thanks for sharing your heart.


Me too! Will pray as well. I actually couldn't believe the results but ...

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