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July 06, 2012



So happy to see this post! Lots of wishes for lots of love for you both!

yvonne blair

Congrats sweets...I am so happy you have found your way to where you need to be. There is nothing like 'home'. We all have trials and hardships and journeys to face...I agree with you...facing them together makes it so much easier and sweeter. You inspire me with your words. love you and hugs to you!

Angela Cardas Meredith

So happy you're happy!! Congratulations <3

Lori Chadwick

Congratulations my friend! I am so very happy for you! I wish you all the happiness in the world!


Margie!! I am so happy for you. This is the wonderful and you deserve to be happy, both of you. :-)

Debby Schuh

I'm actually crying with happiness for you!! Can't wait to give you a big hug!!

Deb Fynn

Good for you Margie! How can true love lead you down the wrong road?!!


oh. oh. my.
what joy.

Kirsten J

OH this made my heart happy - I've been married for 26 years, too. Through thick and thin...but together is better!




yeah!! so happy for you and your family. the kids have to be over the moon!

Michelle Payne

Margie, I was so heart broken when you and Grant split up. I cried many tears for you. I've prayed for you so much. I am so overjoyed that you and Grant have found your way back to one another.

Be happy!

Jen Allyson

What wonderful news. In a world where there are very few happily ever afters, I am so glad that you guys are making it work and finding yourselves within each other... all over again. I'm in a much better mood today now. What wonderful news.


love love love.

Emma Miya

girl, that is so awesome! love this story!


Margie, sooo very happy for you! isn't it funny how life turns out sometimes, he's a handsome one, I can see your kids in him that's for sure!


Oh Margie, I just love this. And it gives me hope.
Thank you for sharing, and putting yourself out there.
Love you Spark Sister. :)

P.S. If you need worker bees for #4, I am happy to help with whatever you need. :)



Toni K

So happy for you! This brought tears to my eyes :)

Renee D

Happiness and Blessing to the two of you!!!


I'm very happy for you! Wonderful


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Mcphearson Mendes

Miracles do happen if you believe. Your love story, M, really inspires me a lot. It really shows that love is sweeter than second time around. I'm happy that you’re now in his arms again and you'll be forever in his. Always have faith, M. I wish you more happiness.

Frates Spires

I'm happy for you.Wish you all the best and happiness forever.

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