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April 16, 2012


Sheri Twing

Always love your posts! So inspiring! Thanks for being so real...


I love your posts too and REALLY want a little sneak of the upcoming products - can't WAIT!

Barbara Frazier

I enjoy your posts because you are REAL ... and amazingly talented.


I haven't commented much but I do enjoy checking in with you. I think we would have fun together! Thanks for the walk talk. Just what I needed to hear. I need to get out and move and clear the brain. Thank you!

Tracey B

always read your posts ... keep me going some days... thks for being honest and real... day by day is good...enjoy your week.


Really wise stuff - thanks for always sharing from the heart. LOVED the part about "snippets" of happiness. I am typically the whole picture kind of girl...which makes it hard in keeping perspective about feeling good about the small stuff. I look too far out and don't allow feel good moments if I know it won't happen in the future too. Weird, but true. Thanks for all you do :)


Thanks for sharing..I love the orange pop in the wine glass...like you, when I was growing up we never had soda in the house...except when were sick..7-up and if you had a sore throat orange crush..for some reason that was the magic that made everything better...
Have a great week and congrats on the results from walking...that is so encouraging...yeah!


Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!I believe in many of the same things!! ...and, I have never bought myself a $300 handbag...lol. ;)


That is a great list Auntie and I'm so glad we got some time to catch up. Definitely let me know when you're in town again! Love you.


great post love it!!! you have a smile that reminds me of Goldie Hawn who I love btw lol you sound great great advice you are great :)


So glad to hear the sunshine in your voice again. You rock!

laurie lariviere

such a lovely post Margie, you always inspire me to look at things in a different way...I love to walk too, the only kind of exercise that I really like, glad it is working out for you :) it's nice to get outside in the blue skies, have a good day M.


Amen! Thanks for this post and reminder it takes effort but we need to do little things to make us happy. take the time to smell the roses :)

Have a good day!

Anda Williams

I don't get to check in everyday...I just catch up with you when I get a minute and Im very happy I had that minute today--great post (I usually like most of them!)
Love how real and up front you are and love knowing we all go thru similar things in life!! Take it easy!!

Beth W

It's like you can look straight into my soul-I will try harder using many of your suggestions.Thank you for being so honest and letting us know we are not alone.



Emma Tandy

Thank-you for this post, it gave me the uplift I needed today and a new outlook x

Barb Robson

Your posts are always so inspirational and motivating....they always make me feel better and provide me with such happy thoughts. We all have had rough patches in our lives, but you sharing with us so intimately helps me see that I'm not alone....thank you for that!
A friend from Pennsylvania...Barb

denise kerut

thanks for inspiring me to walk every day even alone! i am going to start to walk my tummy off with you! hope it works! and i am going to make some projects for me! i think this will help me feel happier! god bless you friend! where and when is cha summer? maybe i can go . i have always wanted to go!


Thank you.


Margie, from the day I met you at CKU Masters 2005 I found a wonderful, completely human woman with an incredible sense of style and a wicked sense of humor. I have checked in with you ever since. You are the partner in crime everyone of us would love to have, a girlfriend that they can count on, a shoulder to cry on and someone we could laugh hysterically with. I enjoy checking in daily through your blog and twitter and Instagram too. It makes my day. You make me laugh, contemplate life and wish I lived in Utah. Cheers to you girlfriend, you are truly one in a million!


love you margie!
awesome tips! :)

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