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April 23, 2012



This is great news. I am so hoping to finally make it to Spark :) thanks for making it happen again :)


woot woot!!! sooo excited!!

Altaira McComb

So glad to hear SPARK is living on offline as well. A New Creative Team you say?? Not the same faces we see everywhere but fresh faces I hope!


Hooray for SPARK no. 4! #3 seriously changed me for the better. Can't wait to hear more!


like altaira said...'not the same faces'...how great would that be!?! (smile)
your announcement is much joy and excitement to many a heart. you know i'll be there!


Barbara Frazier

You might not realize it, but you change lives through SPARK. So, so happy there will be a #4


awesome!!!! I love everything I'm hearing about Snap and would've loved to attend! Cannot wait to hear more about Spark 4, and excited for all the newness you've got planned!!! Dream job would be involved in something like Spark-- INCREDIBLE!


good morning, girl...just checking if you received my email...sent to aol address. will be under my hubbies name. just checkin'.



Hey! I just love your blog! You are such a inspirational woman! I hope one day I can make it to Spark! until then I will be creating in my studio! hugs


Dottee O.

GOOD NEWS!! I'm spark*ling just thinking about it!

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