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March 23, 2012



I have a precious chihuahua named Truffles so I understand. I enjoy your blog, how open you are, your experiences and your wisdom. So thank you for all that you do and again, I am so sorry for your loss!


I'm sorry Margie! I won't ask what happened but I know your pain. It took us 18 months to get over losing our sweet dog, Jack but Shadow has been in our lives for about 2 1/2 years now and we are in love. I hope you will find furry love again!


What a beautiful song and wonderful meaning! Hugs for your sorrow and my each day get brighter for you!


So sorry about your sweet Lola! Thanks for your courage in many things.

Donna Goss

So sorry! I can imagine your pain. I have a poodle who is my baby boy! Duke is his name and I just love him sooo much!! I wish you the best. Stay strong!


So sorry for your loss. I was so very sad when I heard about Lola. Our pets are family. I love your positive attitude


Margie - I was so sad, beyond words last night, when I read on Twitter about Lola. I am also a doggie mom and can totally and completely understand your sadness and loss. Please know there are a lot of us who are wrapping our arms around you and sending you loving thoughts today. Your blog today was so sweet and poignant. Thank you for being so open and allowing us to grieve with you. Take care of yourself. Hugs dear Friend :-)


How sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. She looks like such a sweet loving little dog.

jen shears

I'm soooo very sorry for your loss! I'm sure your trues will help you so much... xoxo

Sharon Osborn

Oh, I am so sorry for losing your friend. So glad that your Trues are coming to minister to your soul...yes, perfect timing.


so sorry for your loss, hope your days get better.... not sure if you remember me from CHA but just wanted to say How much I love your blog! YOu are an inspiration...


I am sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the sadness and heartbreak you feel. I will be thinking good thoughts and sending hugs.

Liane Townsend

I am so saddened by your great loss Margie. I know, at times, it feels devastating. I hope you will take great care of yourself and your needs. xxooxxoo


I am so very truly sorry for your loss. But I can't help but be happy for that little kid in heaven who just got a really cool dog, hang in there.


I am so so sorry that you lost your friend. Lola sounds like the perfect companion.I hope you can take some comfort that you had her in your life for a awhile .My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs!


Oh no!!! So heartbroken for you. She was such a doll.


I hurt for you. We have had so many dogs. big little all sizes. We bought a chihauhua a few years ago for my daughter..she was raised by our 90 lb shepherd. She is a love. As a result our oldest bought our granddaughter one. She was little one. she ran out in the road. we cried. and cried. They now have two more chihauhaus. They are so loving. All dogs are - big cyber hugs to you. I am so sorry for your loss.


I'm so sorry...hugs!


I am so, so sorry :( I am a fuzzy mama to lots of critters, and I know the pain you are going through. It's amazing how deeply our furkids can touch our hearts and leave such lasting impressions of kindness and love. I hope that you can find peace once again, and know that your little Lola Bella definitely knew how much you loved her. {{HUGS}}


So sorry about our Lola Bella. Pets offer such pure and unconditional love. Have deep faith; your heart will mend again. Thank you for sharing the song; lyrics and music are so happy making. I will dowenload it now for my mornng commute. Take good care. xo ida

laurie lariviere

I am so sorry to hear of your loss margie, pets are such a special part of our homes, I have lost two bunnies in the past 4 years and I think of them daily and wish I could still snuggle and hold them...Your puppy was adorable, I hope you have a great time with your friends...hugs...


God bless you. My son, who has endured great loss, told me he is convinced that when someone loses a beloved pet the best thing is to get another one without waiting a long time. I don't know you of course, but if you'd like to take on another pain-in-the-butt dog I could probably help you out. Thank you for sharing.

Beth W

It is so very very hard to lose a pet.I've teared up every time I've read your FB posts this week.My heart is with you.


I am so so sorry that you missing your companion. Lola appears to be like the ideal associate.I wish you can take some relaxation that you had her in your lifestyle for a some time .My center, ideas and wishes are with you.

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