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January 09, 2012


Jamie Hensley

I would love to win because I have an incurable cancer, and I want to leave my husband an album of as many good memories as possible! Thanks for your generosity!



I could afford only page protectors and the binder, but to have the kit would be AMAZINGGG.


Lisa Z

I'd love to win this.
Thanks for the opportunity to have the pieces for this wonderful project. Love PL :)

Beverly Harrison

This would be perfect for me! While undergoing chemo, I would be able to still take pictures and document my thoughts and appreciations. Thanks, Margie, I want to win so badly.


I would love to win because we can't even get it here yet :( and I so eagerly want to start ;)


Love it! Need it! I am so behind with scrapbooking...four kids has left me scrambling and unable to keep up with regular scrapbooking. Project Life seems so accessible and streamlined. And beautiful!

Erin H

I have the turquoise edition and love it! I was so torn between the two gorgeous kits when I ordered. Now I would also love to get my hands on the Amber edition, but probably won't purchase it myself, just yet anyway!


Project Life would totally fit my life. My fingers are crossed :) Have a happy day.


Love this. Hope to get the turquiose!


I have been reading Becky's blog for awhile now & have been dying to try project life!!

Jan Norman

committed to carrying that large camera with everywhere I go and taking those photos...PL would make it permanent, touchable and forever

Crystal Williams

Hi Margie, Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to win a project life kit. It would be great for anyone who wants to remember and share their memories. I would like the Amber Kit because its adorable and I would love to keep up to date with my growing daughter who will turn 4 in Feb. With her dad and I working full-time and both of us being part-time grad students it makes it hard for me to scrap a whole page and the project life kit would allow me to cherish and remember these moments with my crazy schedule. Plus my daughter just started to look at my old scrap stuff, she would love to look at the recent events that she was part of. Thank you , Crystal

Cele Schaffer

I have been reading all the blogs about Project Life and am so impressed. This would make LIFE so much easier to win this! Thank you for the opportunity.

Diane Alberts

I am also interested in this new way of sharing/preserving my memories. Project Life is a great innovation. thanks for the opportunity to try this new system!


so inspired - loving your photos with your sisters !! just started project life and you inspire me to document my daily life , even though yours is much more exciting.


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Just a girl: project life. 2012.

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