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January 09, 2012


terri b

Great giveaway... would love to win and use it all up! :)

Erin Cianciolo

This year is a year of change for me and my kids (I'm a SAHM going through divorce and my oldest away from home for the first time) and I really want to document our journey. I've looked at PL so many times and I just haven't been able to find a way to get it, so winning would be a huge blessing.


I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this kit. I love paper and fonts and all that ... and have never scrapbooked. Overwhelmed by the big layouts, I LOVE that this let's me put it all in in little pieces... and w/ 4 little ones, I have lots of little bits... quotes/pictures/grins to share. I've been toying w/ making the plunge. If this arrived at my doorstep, I'd so be there.
Thank you for the opportunity!!

Ambrosia Clark

Well first off, thanks for the opportunity!
I would love the "Amber" cause my name is Amber! Thats fun =) I always get so interested in doing these workshops/ online classes/ kits/ etc...but with 4 kids, the budget just never allows. It would be awesome to win =)

Jennifer Maier

I woukd Love Love Love to win and be able to do this project!!!


I would love to win this for my yougest daughter that is getting married this year. I think it would be great for her to keep up with the year. Thanks so much!!!


I would love to win!

Meghan Roth

I would love to be able to do Project Life this year. I got divorced last year and this year is all about ME and moving on. I think this would be a great way to document things.

Kimberly Neddo

Oh how I have missed reading your blog more regularly...you are such an inspirational woman...and always so upbeat. I love it!
Thank you for the chance to win too...this is an AWESOME give away!
Loves and blessings to you!

Amy Cannon

I would so love to win this! I can't afford to purchase this myself (tight budget this year) and I have always admired everyone's PL!!! THis would be super!!!

Melannie Arellano

Margie awesome giveaway....I saw a post on Pinterest and thought my husband is always saying Im always making mini albums gifts for everyone else and not doing anything about our family. LIFE has been so crazy busy that Project Life is just what Id love to do! Have a great day! You look amazing also your such an inspiration!

Jennifer W.

I have been following Project Life through Ali and Becky and I just love it. It's brilliant! I bought it for my Sister for Christmas but am dying to get my hands on a kit for myself. I think it would simplify things so much! This is a fabulous giveaway Margie!

Jill H.

I have been thinking about trying project life again this year- I started 2 years ago and got through May but then I was faced with some of the worst circumstances of my life but it's a new year and looking forward to a fresh start. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

Lynnette T.

I have been curiously watching this scrapbooking trend and it totally makes sense to me! It is a way to document the everyday life, and still leaves the opportunity to scrapbook the bigger events in a more traditional way. I love the idea! Thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize pack! :-)

Sabine F.

I have done PL last year and it is so amazing. I was so proud of myself for sticking with it. Never had a kit though, did my own thing. Would love to win the Amber. Thanks for all your inspiration Margie.


So excited that you are participating in Project Life. I can't wait to see your pictures - share some of that creative juice with us!!!

Carol Potter

Wow what an awesome project. I would love to win this. This year is full of firsts for me. I will be getting to meet my son, face to face for the first time. I placed him up for adoption 34 years ago when I was 17 yrs old. He found me Nov.4th, 2011. I will also be celebrating 30 years of marriage in December. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Good Luck to all.

Have a Blessed Day!!

Nicole L.

Oh, I'm so ready to do this! This year I'm doing a P365 photo challenge and also writing in my one-line-a-day journal. I think I'm ready for Project Life!!!

A Facebook User

omg margie! i am in love with the amber edition! ive been scrapping for nearly 15 years, and now my first baby is (over)due any day now... i would love to have project life to record the bits n pieces of our first year with bub.please send it to me! xx

laurie lariviere

what an amazing giveaway Margie, thanks so much! always wanted to try Project Life, it just seems like "life" gets in the way and there's never room in the budget...glad you are going to do it, looks like fun!!

bevie pearl

What a generous giveaway!! It would be a wonderful way to start the scrapbooking year with the PL Amber kit.....Love the colors and design of this kit!! Thanks.

heather fuentes

i see so many of my crafty friends working on PL and really want to do it, too! i've already started gathering bits and pieces but this would be awesome to start with! i haven't been crafty in so long - i am determined that this is the year i give back in. project make stuff 2012. ;) thanks for the chance, margie.


I would love to win Amber because it would be a great opportunity to use it for a very ” changing” year. Its such a wonderful kit and would be so useful in documenting all that happens in the months, days to go:) thank you for the chance to win!!!

tammy b

first off, love this post. actually love your blog...your voice. why would i want to win 'amber'? i did PL 2 years ago, and it was fabulous. i loved doing it. i like looking at it from time to time, but my 3 girls LOVE it. they look at it all. the. time. didn't do it last year cuz couldn't afford the kit and thought i could just do it anyway with my stash. ask me if it happened. still can't afford. know won't do on my own - although, have already printed out pics from last week with the best of intentions! still want my girls to be able to revisit their year.

Tina M

FI hav wanted to attempt Project Life for a long time. This year is so full of changes for my family, new grandbabies, kids getting married, chronic illness in full flare, relocating to a new state! Whew, seems like the perfect time for Project Life! Thank you again for your inspiration, and generosity!! Fingers crossed that I am the lucky lady!!!

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