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January 09, 2012


Mary Thacher

I have been reading a lot about PL and would like to try it. Thanks for the opportunity!


I've been following Ali's journey through her Project Life (and her Week in the Life and December Daily) for quite awhile. However, that's all I've done: follow. Never tried, kinda scared to do it...will I have the time, what if I get behind, I'm not a big journal-er, etc. So, if I had the kit, which I wouldn't be able to afford normally, I think I'd be pushed (in my mind) to do it. So, that's why I'd like to win.

Sheila H Miller

I have one of the Becky Higgins Project Life albums. I would love to win one for my daughter. Her time is limited but I know she could make this work. Thanks for the opportunity.

Antoinette Naude

Love the look of the Amber kit and it would be ideal to document my daughter's frst 5 years for her as i never really printed many digital photos. She always browses them on my computer :-) ... Also receiving my Clementine soon, can't wait to get the photos into those pockets with ephemera and goodies for her to enjoy for ever more!

Jennifer C

me too me too me too. I have been scrapping for over 25 years, 8.5x11 chronological scrapper. I tried 12x12 and hated it... I never thought of it like 24x24 but I totally get it!

I love all the PL inspiration, it seems like everyone is doing it. I have gone back and forth.... I would love to do it but am I ready for the commitment? If I had a kit I just might try it :)

Becca Smith Sutton

Since becoming the mommy to four under the age of 5, I haven't made time to scrapbook...at all. That's sad! It was such a big part of my life & while I understand things change...life changes...priorities shift, it makes me sad knowing I'm not doing the right thing by my children. They deserve to know the funny things they said or how they looked at this exact age or what foods they would & would not eat.

Yes, I know it's most important to just make memories--but I think it's important to document those memories, too. To remember to take the camera out & snap a few pictures. To write down those funny things, those milestones.

And that's why I'd like to have a Project Life kit. : ) Thanks for the chance!


Allie Gower

I have been watching the progress on a couple of blogs. I really like Michelle Wooderson (*Mish Mash*) - she primed her whole space to make working on the project easier.
I'm inspired, and would love to get the kit to help *S*P*A*R*K* me back into scrapbooking.
Thank U for a chance, Margie.
Be well!


What a great way to document! Awesome kit colors.

Kim N

I've been scrapbooking for over 15 years, and it's time for a "cleansing" of sorts. Out with the old ways, in with the new! I've recently moved, and need to get back on track with my memory keeping. This would provide the inspiration I need to get started again!


I have been wanting to do PL for some time now and decided this was the year to get started. I have had so much happen last year to make me realize how important it is. I had a cancer scare - thought I might be blind. Doctors found precancerous cells in both my eyes! VERY scary! Thank God they were both bening, but nothing like that to make you realize how important something like PL is like. Hubby also had to have gall bladder removed plus had knee surgery - so we have had our share of medical expenses! I would love to win this - this is my year to start!!!

Brynn Thornburgh

Amazing. Beautiful. Inspiring. And the 'Project Life' is too! LOL Thank you for your generosity dear Margie. Hugs. Brynn

Gina B.

I am starting it as well! I have some of the elements, but I can definitely see myself needing the amber too :) I am in the process of doing week 1 and I'm loving it. It won't just sit in my "stash" - I will use it for sure. I'm looking forward to keeping up with you and Ali Edwards. I can't get enough inspiration from people like you - thanks for always sharing :)


I am a traditional scrapbooker that has hit a wall. I really hope that I win this project as I am a huge follower of Becky, Ali, and you Margie! This will be the shot of inspiration and excitement my scrapbooking needs. Thanks for the chance!


I would love to get the chance to do project life, since the budget really has not been there considering I am a junior graphic design student at a private art school. EEK! College goes so fast so I would love the chance to document every little bit that I learn and experience for myself in a new state. Thanks!


I have heard about Project Life over the last few years and it seems like a great idea. I would love to try it out. Thanks for the great opportunity to win this great kit.


I've been thinking about PL for a couple years now.
But, I've been looking at it as an everyday, document everything project. Now, I realize that's not it. I can use it to showcase what goes on in our lives that doesn't get a devoted 'scrapbook page' in my kids' albums. Sure, I can reference those days in my PL, but it's more than just those moments- it's what I'm doing in my life right now.
Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit, Margie!


This sounds fantastic. I hope that you love it and that it is as inspiring as it sounds. I can't wait to see what you do. I think I might have to check this out!


What a great giveaway Margie!! I would love to win the Amber PL because I wouldn't ordinarily buy it. I have 2 boys and am always in the what would the boys want mode. I love amber and since PL is for me right now it would definitely force me out my comfort boy mode and push me to try something else. Love, love your blog. :)


PL is on my scrapbook to-do list. Can't wait to see what you create with it!


I have an empty nest now and have really slacked in documenting life...so I got project life and began again.......THEN, my daughter-in-law showed great interest so I gave her mine (it was at the time when it was all sold out! so I could not get her her own)....so now I let all my photos sit once again.....time to get back on track with the FUN, EASY way of documenting life! I just need a kit of my own ;)


Oh my goodness! I just posted on my blog that I would be starting PL! I love the Amber edition but thought it was gone so I have been making my own things. I would LOVE to have that one. I am so excited to get started on PL. You are right...it seems so doable to me. No matter who wins..thanks for sharing & keep posting your pics of PL. :D

Sarah Jermyn

I would LOVE this kit. I am excited to started my PL journey, but the items aren't available over here in the UK until March now, it would really give me a great boost to win. I love your style of scrapbooking, I can't wait to see what you create!

val gould

I just got married in October. In Nov and Dec I heard friends start talking about Project life. I am a traditional get my hands really dirty kind of scrapper, but.......I think this would be a good way to share all the little bits of my first year in married life. Yes I still want to scrap the big moments but project life seems perfect to keep track of the every day bits of happiness in this magical first year of our married life. Thanks Margie for sharing!

Jen B.

This is such a great giveaway! I would be thrilled to win it! Thanks!

Wendy Peatross

i need this. My youngest daughter is growing and almost ready to leave home. I would love to have this to hold these last couple years of memories with her.

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