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January 11, 2012



So excited abdout your "love" class!

Debbie Schneider

so excited about the project life giveaway, can't wait for friday! :)

Kim Boken

LOve it all! LOL
Seriously..I love your cheetah blanket..looks yummy and warm :)

melissa n

Thanks for chance to win. And I love those cheetah sheet or blanket.

Ge Cavalcante

nice pics :)
you're soooo organized! =o
i envy your desk!


You have glass.on top of the door for your desk, how brilliant is that. I love the top hat, I so wish I could attend that class...waiting for Friday to find out who is the winner and all about the love love love online class. I really enjoyed your spark your christmas. Hugs


good week.
feeling inspired...
working on my "OLW"...
hope to be doing "project life" soon...
L*O*V*E . love too!


Hi margie. I'm right with you on PL. Just started this year myself and enjoying it so much. My OLW for this year is Time but I'm loving Exhale. Kind of goes hand in hand. I also love your mix of roses and animal print for your bedroom. So cool.

Come to the East Coast to teach. Pretty Please.


yay yay yay!!! can't wait to see the fabulousness in store for us!!:D love that cheetah by the way...it looks cozy.


My fingers are crossed for Project Life. Thanks for the chance to win :)


So excited for Monday :)

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