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January 23, 2012


lizzy kartchner

miss you girlie! can't wait to see vintage marketplace... and you hopefully soon!!

Cresta Woodruff

I am so excited to see your new line of paper! I LOVED Girl's Paperie. I have some hoarded and only use it for special occasions. ;) Can't wait for Vintage Marketplace... sounds divine! Great post today, Margie. Have a wonderful day!

Isabel Wagner


I am one of your blog readers! Truly enjoy it and have to tell you how much I have enjoyed both e-courses (Spark Your Christmas and Love, Love Love). You have inspired me to create many of the projects you taught on both e-courses. My recent blog postings have pictures of projects that will be very familiar to you. Again, thank you so much for your inspiration. Looking forward to your next e-course.


seriously?...you blow me away.
never do i come away without some inspo to move forward.
love what you write.
and CANNOT wait to see vintage marketplace...the name alone...love it.
enjoy cha...living vicariously through you all.

teresa wilkins

Margie, I am so happy for you. You seem to have it all together not to mention you look GREAT! Congratulations on your new line with Bazzill....my favorite company of all time. Really....I met Mr. Bazzill (Jones) way back when at a CKU in Nashville and he and Heidi were awesome. It was then that I fell in love with scrapbooking and Bazzill! Good luck at CHA. Wish I was going this year.

Olivia L.

just thought i'd let you know how inspiring you are to me: a mother who battles overwhelming hardships and still remains positive and optimistic about the future, a teacher with more passion and drive than i could imagine, a friend beyond the definition of friendship, and simply a beautiful woman. thank you for sharing a piece of your life with me!

ps; new bazzill releases = amaze!


there has been a gap in my shop since TGP so I am dying to see your new line

Nancy Wyatt

You are so amazing! I love all that you share, I am so excited for all the new lines! I know you and Janet will be rocking your lines!! I so wish I had gone to Alt, I really think that would have been perfect for me! I am excited to come in April for Snap although going to Alt with you and April would have been amazing! Uhm, that was sorta implying you would have wanted me along huh, ha! Anywho, thanks for sharing all that you do, you are a true inspiration! xoxo

Tracey B

Can't wait to see your line... have already done your christmas class... don't really celebrate Valentines 'down under' so really looking forward to seeing the new stuff. always read your tweets.. love seeing your photos... keep up the good work & giving us all so much inspiration... you've been thru a lot... I'm still in the midst of my 'going thru'... some days you keep me going.. so thank you.


line name...L*O*V*E I*T!
can NOT wait...

Kirsten J

Hey Margie - question for ya: I was cleaning out my closet the other day, an struggling with scarves an necklaces an tangled messes every which way. And you popped into my head :) I thought, "that Margie wears so many fun accessories...I wonder how she organizes them?" Do you have a system?


your blog does all of the above for me.;D
can't wait to see your new papers...just up my alley.
and i also adore the music on your blog...it always makes me happy!

pam allen

Love your talent and your posts yes I read to the end lol! What a blessed life you live. so many talented friends. Can't wait to see new releases. Have fun at CHA!


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