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November 28, 2011



HOLLa!!! soo excited!
Spark it, sister!

Tandra Boyer

this sounds awesome!
How long will all the videos be available for?

Donna P.

Question, how long is the classroom open for? Looks like fun!!


i don't know if i can handle it!
after what SPARK did to me...
what it is STILL doing...
you are amazing.
can't wait!!!


Are the project instructions only available or will we be given access to written (pdf?) materials as well. This looks fantastic!


I think your sweet bird with the hat has stolen my holiday heart! So excited to get to know you and your sweetest sparkling art! xo Junelle

Dot L

I have never had a go at anything like this before...so I am in!!! just got to put it on the calendar so I wont forget...lol
Dot x


And, I'm in - Can't wait to have you in my house for five days! Love you!

amy tan

OH, this is going to be so lovely!


Yay! Just got some money in my Paypal, and am SOOO going to do this!! :) Yippee!!!


How long will we have access to the class? I'd love to do this (have heard so many good things about spark and YOU in general from Christy!) but I'm currently doing Melody's mama/daughter class with my mama as well as She Art 2 with Christy! Eeks! I have a sorta full plate and don't want to overwhelm myself and not be able to actually DO the class! Looks so beautiful in your house, margie! Merry Christmas!


The classroom will be available for 6 months!

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