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June 17, 2011



Just lovely. All of it.

Rose Marie

Authentique is deliciosa!!! I want it all (that's what I meant) Hugs from Puerto Rico!!


B-e-a-utiful! love, love, love the new papers!! :)


Congrats Margie! Love it all (especially Blissful!)

Kathy Morgan

So excited for you Margie!
Authentique looks like a wonderful new adventure for you. You new designs are AMAZING!!! Can't wait to get my hands on some.

Glad you had fun in Puerto Rico...I'm thinking missing that plane was a happy accident.

Lori Kaye

yay Margie:) I always love your stuff!!! Can't wait to see you next week @ the "doodle" xoxo

Traci Severson

so happy for you Margie.....the lines are stunningly beautiful. the name is amazing and really defines the lines well!

Jessica Canham

Beautiful designs! Can't wait to see more close-ups. So far, Uncommon is my favorite!

Anda Williams

Not suprised the new lines are so gorgeous-- you always do it right!! Can't wait to see it in the stores :)

Dorothy C.

So glad you're back in biz. I like all the paper but must have Journey. Thanks for the preview.

Amy Cloud

Oh my goodness Margie ... I LOVE all your new lines ... I showed them to Dad and he loved them too! He said he could make some really pretty cards with those papers and I could make lots of travel pages with Journey!!! Can't wait to see you later this year!!

Melissa Woodall

CONGRATULATIONS on your new adventure.......love, love, love the products! Thank you for sharing it all with sll of us.

Barbara Frazier

Absoluely stunning !
I always wanted to go to PR .. now I want to go even more.

rebekah f

SO excited about your new venture. Nothing but the best of luck with it. Can't wait to see what great things are coming our way.
We are so lucky!


I love your new lines and can't wait to see them in person!

Oly Cuadrado

Margie, we really had a blast having you here in PR. Hope you can come next year so we can enjoy some more and, of course, dance. I appreciate your friendship and wish we can continue it for years to come. Congratulations on the launch of your new line and your team. Gorgeous papers!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

jen shears

I am IN.LOVE... Congrats & so glad we will continue to see gorgeous lines from you- Girls' Paperie Lines were ALL perfect!!!! :D
Glad you had fun too!!!

terrib in oregon

Wowee! The new lines are gorgeous! When do they ship? Are selling direct or do we need to find the local or maybe online? Can't wait!


Already totally in love with Uncommon!

Linda Robison

The anticipation was killing me -waiting to see what your new gig was....I think it's gonna be completely fabulous ;-)

Tari J

Congratulations Margie. Loving the new line. It is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait til it hits the stores. Love! Love! Love!


They say that you have to struggle to appreciate reward...sister-wife, you have earned every accolade ten times over. I am so very happy for you Margie, this is a beautiful adventure. Lucky us to get to play with and gather inspiration from your talent. I love Blissful. What is it about yellow that just screams happy??

Dawn B

Sounds like a fabulous trip, it would be so awesome to attend an event with you and the other teachers, I'll bet it is nothing but fun fun fun. (hint hint, come to Idaho)
I cannot believe you missed your flight but it made for a great extra day of rest:)
I am so excited for the new company you are with AND for the new lines of paper. Love them. I am calling my Archivers tomorrow to see if they've recieved it yet. I would be thrilled to win though.
I will dance for it:)
Thank you for sharing and for the give away.

Gianna Glasser

A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am truly at a loss for words. Congrats :)

Annette Rodriguez

Finally, I simply love the papers, I have some pictures. And Im glad that you were able to see some more of our beautiful islan, hope you return soon and we can hang out. *hugs*

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