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April 15, 2011



awesome margie! you are amazing! btw, I love that movie...so good (It is "In Her Shoes")

Sherry Smyth

there is nothing in the world like friendship and being blessed in life.

I love that e.e. cummings poem (and that movie!!!) -- it is wwell worth a weep for sure!!! xo

Enjoy your sleepy with your friends!

Nancy Wyatt

Love you sweet friend, love that you are have so many wonderful "sisters" you are truly a blessing and an inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend with your sisters! xoxoox

melody ross

beautiful. beautiful. beautiful!
can't wait to see you!!!

Stephanie O.

This is just wanted I needed to read this morning. I am approaching the 5th anniversary of the loss of my son, and it is my dear friends (sisters) and my real life sister who have been the saving grace to getting me going each day. I don't think I will ever be through the grief, as I carry it in my heart each day. But being blessed with friendships and sisters has made it a much easier journey. Thank you for always posting whats in your heart.


Thanks, true! Love uuuu!!! Have fun! Wish I was there!!! Xoxox


You watched In Her Shoes... I love that movie esp. that part. And you made me tear up a little, I was already a little verklempt this morning anyway. {HUGS!} I know we've only met once but I just know you would be a kindred spirit not from just that meeting but from your writings. You are such an amazing person. Blessings.


My favorite ee cummings poem- thanks for sharing.

Kathy Kurth

Have a great sleepy!!! And did you see Tim's video yet? Shake that booty girlfriend lol I love it!!!


sniff.. sniff... *sigh* Love you girl

lizzy kartchner

love you m!!
ps yes, tim's movie made me miss you even more!!!!!


was that the movie in her shoes!!!! love that ending!!!


I love this post and I can't wait to see you!!!


Love you Margie!

Laura Evangeline

You are always so uplifting!

Renee J.

Margie, thank you for this beautiful post....thanks, too, for sharing that which is so special to you! Have a wonderful time with your finds....always remember how special you are to us!!


Margie, this poem just sums up my friends, family and new friends to be, thanks so much for sharing this........you are an breath of fresh air, an inspiration and one of the friendliest smiles Ive seen in a long time xx



Limor Webber

your spirit inspires me ;)

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Having a good friend who can share your feelings, thoughts is too hard to find nowadays, you have to choose so carefully your friends, I like the saying "a friend in need is a a friend indeed", this say all about friendship.

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You are really lucky to have true friends. You're an inspiration.


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