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April 01, 2011


Michelle Philippi

....um.....where's the April Fool's part...?

Jessica Canham

Gosh, you had me scared for a minute there! I was thinking, oh no! No more awesome paper from Margie? Then, phew! I'm glad you'll still be creating papers, and hopefully coordinating embellishments and stamps. It would have been a real loss. The very best to you in your new venture!

Renee J.

Margie, I truly admire you for all that you have done! Thanks, too, for all you have done for us. Yes, a million times and more....I will follow you on your new venture. Know that I am wishing you all the best with lots of hugs, Renee


You, Go girl! After taking your class at CE, i'm a forever fan! You are so very talented, and I'm so very excited to see what you do next!

jill Goodhart

I just bought your entire line yesterday at Archivers, I was so excited..love love it! I will trust that this is a new beginning and I will still be able to purchase your products! Have fun in S Africa!


Good luck with your new venture!


there certainly is a lot of change in the air in this industry right now...

your beautiful lines from the girl's paperie were amazing...your "new" paper NO DOUBT will be amazing too...

you margie, are A*M*A*Z*I*N*G...

much love & luck in walking through your new door. (keep the door ajar so we can follow...) loving that pink door too!


I am looking forward to see what is behind this new door Margie! I know it will be amazing though!!!!

Lisa Day

I will follow you anywhere you go!!! XOXO

Michelle Pearson

I also fell madly in love with Paper Girl...can't wait to see what is next for you! :)


Best of luck in your new venture. I am sure your talent will help you find your happy place again. See you at INSPIRED.


I know that whatever you do will be amazing! I'm so glad that you will still be designing paper. Can't wait to see what your new adventure is!


change is always good!!! I am super excited to see what is next!


best of luck to you wherever you go and whatever you do, margie!!

Julie Bonner

Wish you the best of luck with your new venture!!!


I was like WHAT!!
So glad to read you will continue making papers and such. I am a huge huge fan of your designs. All the best to you.

Darlene Melvin

Margie!! so excited for you. It seems that all the changes you've had in the sb industry have always been for the better. I loved the lines you did with MM but you rocked your talent with the Girls Paperie. I know whatever you touch will be awesome!!! In honor of your post i ran to my LSS today and bought WAY too much of your 3 new releases(there no such thing as too much!) . CAn't wait to play with it all. I have been begging my LSS to get you to come visit us - I hope they do for their birthday bash - you will love it here and we will spoil you with some divine southern sweet tea. I remember taking my very first SB class with deluxe cuts with you (or was it designs? )oh about 11 yrs ago and I fell in love with the paper crafting hobby. Thanks for the laughs, real sharing and inspiration. I will say a prayer that God will once again shine on your destiny!!! :)

Robin Suzanne Boeder

Margie...a huge fan, met you at CHA in January 2011. I love your spirit and drive to push forward. You inspire me to push ahead even when things (people) seem to want to push you down. I recently experienced my first taste of how some people can be to further themselves and turn against you but my love to create is something that makes me feels good and nobody can destroy that. I wish you much success in your next endeavor. You are an amazing artist and look forward to seeing what is next!

Jill Norwood

Just wanted to say as a very satisfied consumer of your beautiful products that whereever you land I will follow you. You are so talented and have such a beautiful design eye that I love! Can't wait to see where you land and what the future holds...change can be hard but when the Lord closes a door he always opens a window and the sun shines right in! Shine on!!!!

Jill / Seattle, Wa.


So sad to hear that news. But totally relieved that you are still staying in the design part of scrapbooking. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are coming up with in the next few months!!!

Limor Webber

You are amazing! I got a heavy heart when I started reading until I kept reading and a smile came to my face. Meeting you was an incredible experience, your joy and love for the industry is truly contagious!

Jennifer Rogers

Margie-- it was truly a pleasure to take a second class with you here in johannesburg yesterday & a singular privilege to dine with you last night. I wish you all of what you wish yourself-- safe travels onward to Kichaka & Cape Town, or as we say here "Hambagahle".


I can't wait to see what you new adventure holds! I have loved using the products you designed. They have made wonderful canvas and accents for my photos and I look forward to using the new ones you design.
Best wishes- follow your dreams.

Lindzie h

So sad to hear this. But glad for your next journey in life. :) I am looking forward to see you again at Spark No. 3

Rita Barakat

I am sure whatever it is it will be fabulous - I've been following your career since MM, no plan on leaving you now.;) Congrats on your new venture I wish you the best of luck!

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