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April 01, 2011


Sherry Smyth

As bittersweet as it can often be, change is part of life. Without change we have no opportunity to grow. Your future project sounds exciting!

Renee D

Wow - big news indeed. Looking forward to your new venture.

Betsey Terry

Oh Margie..you've had so many changes the last year...a true testament to what a strong woman you are!! An Inspiration..cant wait to find out what you've got coming up next!

Lori Kaye

girlfriend you are incredible:) i will follow you wherever you go!!! you are the braviest of brave!!!! xoxo

Julie Weidner

I'm sure whatever you do will be incredible! Enjoy your new journey! Enjoy every step of the way!

Elizabeth Currie-Matsko

We will love your art no matter form it takes! Have a safe and fun trip in South Africa.

Tracie H

Whatever you do - it will be amazing.

jamie long

I really this wasnt posted on april fools day.

Rhonna Farrer

love you...100% xoxo


love you sweet margie and wish you the very best!! i, too, will follow you anywhere!

Toni K

Change is a good thing! You will do just fine ;) Best wishes with whatever you do.

gina lideros

can't wait to see what else you have in store. I just know it will be amazing!


wishing you all the best Margie! can't wait to see what you do next!


I love you so dearly and will be right there next to you supporting you in whatever adventure life brings. kiss kiss hug hug!


You are like a caterpillar,who is working her way out of her coccoon soon it sounds like we will see the butterfly that you have become. Hugs Katrina!

Tina Lindsey

How could we not continue to love and support you?!? You are too precious and always always walk through the door instead of stumbling so we know whatever door it is that is fortunate enough to have you grace its threshold will be amazing! Love you!

Martha Richardson

So much news this week...so many changes...but CHANGE is good! Best wishes on your newest adventure ;)

Olivia L.

Margie I almost cried when I read the part of Girls Paperie is no more. BUT - my heart is lifted knowing you will continue to design and scrapbook. YOU are one amazing woman! Good luck with all your wild adventures! xoxo


one door closes...another bigger door will open..and I can't wait to see what you have behind it!! Keep your chin up! :)


Say it ain't so! I thought this was an April Fool's joke! Pooh! But, I wish you the best in whatever your new endeavor is! It's wonderful when you can follow your heart!!! :)


Wishing you all the best! So glad you will continue to design your beautiful divine papers! Hugs!

Nancy Wyatt

How exciting for you sweet Sister!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Hope you are having an awesome time in SA! Hugs and love to you from Conroe, TX! xxooxx


I am sure whatever it is you have up your sleeve it will be wonderful:) Best wishes.

Erica Hettwer

Oh, no!!! One of my private goals was to someday make your DT. ;) I'm sure whatever you are doing next will be just as awesome but TGP will always have a sweet spot in my heart. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


Margie, I have been such a huge fan of The Girl's Paperie -- I completely fell in love with Paper Girl, especially -- I've got the stamps, the die cuts, the papers, the stickers. I wish you the best of luck with what's next -- it's sure to be great.

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