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March 29, 2011


Nancy Wyatt

Have an amazing time and safe travels! Look forward to seeing photos!! Love you Spark sister!! And thanks for making my night *wink

Renee J.

'So, so happy for you, Margie! 'Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful trip! We will look forward to your updates when you can. Take care, sweetie! Hugs!!

Tanya Verster

Have a safe and wonderful trip Margie. I was born in SA. I lived there for 30 years and am now living in British Columbia. I'm a Durban girl and my hubby is from Port Elizabeth ... there is no place like it in the world and I agree with you ... the people are amazing! So think of me whilst you're there ... blow it kisses from me! Here is something I always do when I go back ... I gather some African sunshine into an envelope and keep it safely tucked away and when I am feeling blue I open it just a crack and let it fill my soul! It works I swear! Happy travels!


Oh, wow, Margie! Have a good time!! I was so surprised to see the South African flag here - my son has been studying South Africa this week, and we've been looking at a lot of things from there and have a South African flag on our desktop right now. You really made me smile!! :)

Tracie H

Travel safely and have the most amazing time....SA Convention is the best.

Tracy Dayett

You are a treasure..a gift to this blog and scrapbook world...you deserve joy and happiness...go share both with the lovely ladies of South Africa. Prayers for safe travel.


sounds like an amazing joourney...
enjoy every minute margie!


attending the SA Convention tomorrow. Very excited. Can't wait.......

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