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February 03, 2011


Renee J..

'So glad that you had a great time at CHA! Thanks for sharing while you were there, Margie! Rest up and stay warm! Hugs! xox


Rest up girlfriend!


loved sharing a few minutes with you over the weekend. So glad you are home safe and sound. Stay warm.


we could be belted snuggie twins. its my new favorite look! xoxoxo

Lexi Bridges

I want to see that snuggie dress! Might be the latest new fashion craze :)

Elaine Allen

Hi Margie -

Suze posted some photos of you and her. I looked like you enjoyed yourself, so glad. Get some rest sweetie. Glad you are home safe and sound.

Elaine Allen

P.S. Suze posted a picture of your booth and I fell in LOVE with your dress form. You know, the one with the petticoat - just luscious!

Nancy Wyatt

Glad you had a blast and that your lines were a huge hit (that's the buzz all over the net!) and can't wait to play with it! I was also keeping up with Brooke's trip, it looked like a total blast. So happy she is having such a great time as she is learning her new skillz! What a beauty and I saw so much of you in her photos :)
love you sweet sister!!!

Jan Metcalf

So many new and fun products!!

Linda Schaaf

LOVE LOVE LOVE your products! The new stuff looks awsome and I can't wait to get it all! New Halloween line oh can't wait for that,(cleaned my lss out of all their Toil and Trouble paper)! Glad you made it home safe from CHA and it was a success again. It's nice here where I live in Canada, so glad we didn't get the blizzard you guys got up there. Stay safe and warm under your snuggie. -Linda-

Tina  M.

Tina M
Stay warm and get some much deserved rest! I am looking forward to when you are all rested, your page inspires me so. Gives me a much needed lift on most days...Thank you for that.


Sounds exciting! Glad you enjoyed it, looking forward to hearing more & seeing all the photos :)


Welcome back!


loving your new lines...
can't wait to see pics you have...especially of your booth!


Loving the snuggie idea! ;) Cant wait to see your CHA photos!

Ashley Robinson

Hey Margie. You are sweet as pie. It was so nice meeting you at CHA. The booth was beautiful. Love the new product and can't wait to have it in the store!


I loved all that I saw!I will send you our picture!!!!

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