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January 13, 2011



Thank you! xoxo

Beth Rogers

Thanks, Margie! I really needed that today! (((Hugs!)))


Sorry to hear your friend is experiencing trials. I so appreciate the love the you bring to this post and I don't mean to be subversive, but all of this is based on the idea that you believe in god. I wonder if that is a bit limiting for some. Just my thoughts.

Wendy Peatross

Love this!! Thanks so much for posting this. Your posts and facebook updates always brighten my day. Thanks!


So needed to see this today! Thanks!


amen to numbers 1, 2, 6 & 10.
but . . . it's REALLY hard to remember when you're in the thick of it, isn't it?
i have to keep telling myself "i think i can, i think i can, i think i can".
one of these days {when we're over the "hill"} i hope to be able to say "i thought i could, i thought i could, i thought i could"!
looking forward to it . . .

Tammy Tutterow

Great post Margie. It deserves to be printed and kept for a reminder.


Oh Margie, your words are a gift to me today. Thank you sweet friend!


big ol smooch to you.

these words....so needed.

thank you.


Debby Schuh

Exactly what I believe! Right on!!


BEAUTIFUL... and thank you i needed that..

Nancy Wyatt

Amen!! Thanks for sharing this and I'm with Tammy, this needs to be printed and saved and I'm going to do that and frame it for a daily reminder! xoxo

Tracey B

me too... just needed to hear those words today. thankyou

Suezi Gurzi

So very true Margie! I try to give it up to God when I think I am not going to be able to handle it! Great idea to put it in writing!


always an inspiration...
how come most of us know what to say to a friend, but don't always talk to ourselves the same way?

"us girls" need to start being our own "best friend"...


So true!! Our trials are what makes us who we are! Without them we would never learn who we really are!! God always has our best interests at heart!! HUGS to your friend!!


Your words are a blessing today. Thank you for posting such words of encouragement.


thank you so much for the reminder.
not having the best of weeks lately and today is pretty bad.
i know this, sometimes it's just hard to keep that reminder close.
today, i to do not feel brave.
i feel weak.
i feel sad.
i feel lonely.
i feel angry.
i feel tired.
so as i blogged about my aunt i reminded myself...
i need to go where the "peace" is.
i am going to stay in bed.
i am going to cry.
i am going to allow MYSELF some ME time.
thank you for being you and sharing your talents, your heart and your life with me.
i love you "brave girl"

ps. boy could i use a hug right about now.


Oh so lovely...


Yesterday I got some depressing and stressing news. Thank you for this post as it reminds me its OK.

Thanks and hugs back to you.


Light in the darkness.
thank you.


margie, this was something I really needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing your open heart with us. And for being such a good friend to your creative friend!

Tina M

I have been pretty heavy hearted all week, your post today helped heal me a bit.....Thank you! Hope your week is good.


I think I need print this and put it in my Truths. Thanks Margie!


Thank you!! Needed to hear this!!! <3

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