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January 24, 2011



love these colors!! great job!


Love, love, LOVE this and the Gram line! My big question is... WHEN will we see it in stores? I can't seem to find any of my favorites lately!

Renee J.

This new line is so precious, Margie!!' Love everything about it!!

Lara Carson

oooh, I love this! Great release!

Lisa Dickinson

oh these colors are just fantastic! love it all!


What a gorgeous collection! And those embellishments are so pretty too.

Kimberly L.C.

The papers and the pennant pins, oh my! Love it!

Heather Hopkins

love this line. The fun trims ~ especially the purple sparkly stuff. The gorgeous colours. It is beautiful.

Olivia L.

I love love Love the candy colors! It matches my boys room to the tee! Thank you!!!


Y*U*M*M*Y...all of it!
3 "truly amazing gotta have it collections"!

Annette A.

you seriously have the best job in the world. I adore this collection. Thanks for the sneak peak.


LOVE it all!! so wish I could go to CHA, want to live in LA just for that show each year! Good luck with the show, I'm sure you'll do great, all the lines are just lovely!

Erin Ummel

Oh wow! LOVE the blossoms and the amazing pendants! Sheer genious, Margie!

Lisa Day

This one is my favorite!! I want every little bit of it!!


You just brought back so many memories...I grew up going to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot and every year at the end of August/beginning of September I wish I were living closer so I could take my kids there too! This line is beautiful and I need to get it if for no other reason than for the memories...


just lovely... well actually nothing 'just' about this!... it's beautiful and fun.. good job

Mpls Betty, Minneapolis, MN

I love this collection!

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe

i'm LOVIN' this line!!


Glad to hear this collection fills you with so many happy memories, it reminds me of the fair week in the town where I grew up. Everything is wonderful but those little artisan pins are fantastic!

Mona L. Pendleton

This paper is gorgeous and even more so IRL! :) GORGEOUS booth at CHA ~ I was in Heaven looking at all the eye candy and it was so nice to meet the Master Mind behind all the fab products!


oh yeah, totally love this line too! lovin' the fun colors!!



Helen Tilbury

OH MY SHATTERED NERVES Margie - how did I miss this?! (well I was away so that explains it...) this is gorgeous - my fave CHA line so far - even surpasses Emma's Shoppe by Crate & Daily Junque by PP - you did seriously good here girl. Will be buying ALL of it!

christian curradi

oh hi im in love with this song

christian curradi

i think i like christmas better

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