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January 17, 2011


Renee J.

Wow, this is more beautiful then words can describe! Thanks, Margie for sharing this with us! 'Hope you feel better real soon!!

Amy Patterson

LoveLoveLove it all!! Hope you are bringing some to Inspired! Feel better.


Oh it's so beautiful!!!

And your Mumis so sweet!!!

Good booting the flu!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Jenn Koss

Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the sneak peek.


this is fabulous!!!

Kristen I.

Just beautiful! Can't wait to see more.


love the birdcage and clock-charms!!!


love this margie...hope you are feeling better soon. Are you teaching any classes while you are in LA


Love the new line Margie! Can't wait to get my hands on it! Great job, as always! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Love this line. Hope I can our little store to stock it. Hey, be careful and don't let you Mom get the flu. Mine lives with us and would be so upset if she got the flu. Hey, but she makes great soup and homemade biscuits.

Mary Ann

I LOVE it!! Oh I can't wait to have some of the is my hot little hands :)
Hope you're feeling better...Mom's and chicken soup always work.

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Being sick is the worst! I hope you feel better soon, and with your mom on the way, I know you will! This is adorable!!

Cassaundra Lala

Loving the new line!! Sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better soon.


good lookin' stuff Margie! hope you get to feeling better soon!

St├ęphanie Pouliot

So yummy! Thanks for the share! Can't wait to see it more officially! Hope you are feeling better today! I love your sticker packs - they are the best!


mom are the B*E*S*T at making "us" feel better! enjoy "moms" chicken soup and take care of yourself!
love . love . LOVE your new line...
can't wait to get me some!


I really adore this collection! Gotta have it :)


Those pictures are too fuzzy.

Julianne (aka "pinkscrapper")

MARGIE! You KNOW what a PINK-A-HOLIC I am! This is just absolutely beautiful! Love, love, love it!!!


Karen W

I love this!! Can't wait to buy it!


oh WOW-I LOVE this SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Hope you feel better very soon.

Beth W

I have 4 sons and 2 grandson and no practical use for this collection. But it's my number 1 must have from CHA.I am yearning for all this pretty frilly feminine vintage whimsy-it will satisfy a true need of my soul.
Hope you're better soon!

Michelle eisele

Gorgeous...can't wait till it's available! Hope u feel better soon!

Kelly Rodgers

The new line looks amazing Margie. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Cele Schaffer

Hope you feel better! I thought I could never get enough of Tinsel and Twig and now Vintage Whimsy!!!! It is amazing-your designing is THE most AWESOME on the market PERIOD.

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