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January 17, 2011


Carrie C

M - it looks great!!! Wow!


Sorry you're not feeling well...but the Vintage Whimsy line is beautiful!

Lori Kaye

so glad your mommy is on her way :) its the best to have your mommy come and tuck you in!!!
love love love the new line:) i love your lines because it reminds me of stuff i find when I rummage through stuff in my grandmas basement and old trunks...little tags from stuff, old cards, decorations etc....love it xoxo can't wait to work with the new lines

Linda Cain

wonderful, wonderful!!!!


Theresa S.

Looks like a lovely and fun line. Can't wait to see everything in real life. I exactly know what you mean about moms. I'm 40 and my mom is, and always has been, the only person in the world who can help me feel better when I'm sick.


Just put my order in now! Love your Vintage Whimsy!

Hope a visit from your mom is all you need to kick this crud to the curb.


love love love..

Annette Kuusinen

OMG Margie! It's so cute, I can hardly stand it. Can't wait to get it in my hands. Feel better sweetie! xoxo

Marylee Easter:)

Glad your mom is on the way!
LOVE the Vintage Whimsy!
Well done! :)


Oh, this looks so beautiful!

Nancy Wyatt

First, get lots of rest and get better quick! NOW, OMGOSH!!! LOVE the new lines!! How yummy!!!! EEEK! Can't wait till I can get my hands on all of it!!! xoxo hugs from conroe, tx


Hope you feel better soon Margie.
Totally LOVE the new line!


The new line is just beautiful - can't wait!
Get well soon, chicken soup sounds wonderful.


Have to agree it is a very beautiful collection, might need to treat myself when it's released.


MAGnificent collection!!! I cannot wait to get my scrappy hands on one. It is my very favorite that I have seen debuting at CHA...yes! Out of ALL of them!!!

Feel better soon:)

Theresa Grdina

Margie: this line is gorgeous!!! I love your previous lines so I am not surprised that I think this line is so fabulous!


i love, love, love this new line!! all of my scrappy money is going to this one!! thanks

Erin B

So so pretty! Feel better soon.

Lexi Bridges

oh I hope you get better soon. Nothing helps faster than a mommy & chicken noodle soup :)
The new line=YUMMINESS! Can't wait to see it all in it's vintage glory! :)


SWEET!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of that you rock

Cindy Resendez

The paper and goodies look devine...great job and hope you feel better.

Laura Evangeline

Oh, I'm gonna have to get everything in this collection!

Nancy Crissinger

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!
I hope Mom's soup has you all better this evening!


So sorry you got the bug. The new line is to die for! Get better soon



awww im sorry margie you r sick is this going to be in this years kits? it is adorable!!!!!

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