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January 12, 2011



Your amazing sweets and you SHOULD work on you!! you deserve it!

Renee J.

Thanks for sharing your curve balls with us....and also your lovely work. Oh, Margie, I sure hope Meg is feeling better. Take care, too, ok? Hugs!

Nancy Wyatt

You amaze me how you *drop and roll* to put out the fire then get back up and keep on moving! You go girl!! Thanks for sharing with us and give Meg lots of love and hugs from us!! xoxo from conroe, tx

P.S. UHMMMM, love the birdcage charm!!!!


Hang in there, babycakes! You'll get it all done.

I love, love the pink...so YOU.


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, those curve balls our the stuff life is made of, they make us stronger. Beautiful cover. :-)


Hope Meg feels better soon. Your cover is beautiful, love that little flower, is it a brad?


I absolutely love the cover of your truth book! I am doing soul restoration too, just sitting here telling myself "comparing is not allowed" over and over again. Your blog is an inspiration to me, Thanks!

Erin Ummel

Oh, Margie--gorgeous cover! I just finished mine last night...like Susan, trying not to compare! :) You are amazing!


Sometimes you just have use a big bat and knock those curve balls outta the park!
Hugs to Meg, hope she's better today.

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