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April 23, 2010



Whatever it is my dear, you are in my prayers!


I say keep moving towards the bright spots. Like you, I have really enjoyed blogging as my daily journal. I feel your struggle with wanting to share what's going on in your life, but it not being your story to tell. But it's part of your story too. So just be you and all will be alright. Hugs, Melissa


You are amazing!

Nicole Maki

You'll be in my prayers today and in the days that follow.

Sounds like you have a really great attitude and that will see you through life's trials.

Cheri Piles

You can do it, just breath and keep remembering what you said, "The Lord will not give me more than I can handle" - it's so true. Keeping you in my thoughts! Take care sweet girl!

Rosie Nunez

Margie! I know everything will take its normal course, just be patient and feep the faith. You are a great person and I know you will make it through. Sometimes these thing happen to us for a reason, afterwards you will be even greater that what you are now!
Lots of blessings,


Oh, Margie, we haven't met and I don't even really know anything about you. I DO know that YOU ARE SUNSHINE!!!!! In every picture I have ever seen of you, your smile illuminates everything!!!!! You are beautiful and your future is in God's hands - He knows what He's doing. :) xoxoxooo

Judy in Huntsville [al]

Margie - you know I don't know you personally - so I have NO IDEA what the specifics are. But just wanted to share that a couple of my close friends have young adult kids who have not always made the best decisions - and as they've walked that path they've seen the Lord stay faithful and give them the strength to take the next step as they struggle with the holding on and letting go. And I know He's there for you too - whatever the circumstances. Love you girly - and I'm praying for you daily! judy hardwick [on Facebook]


Just wanted to say that whatever you are facing, the fact that you are staying positive & keeping your faith shows how strong you are. Hope those brighter days are with you soon :)

Yvette F.

You are a bright light Margie!

Carrie P

Hope God answers those prayers for you just the way he knows best!


You are an amazing woman. I hope the path gets a little brighter for you. I know we all have our struggles and I too believe Heavenly Father will not give us anything we can't endure. You are strong!

Sesil Cratin

((((HUG)))) Stay Positive & keep looking towards the light! You are an amazing individual, we all make mistakes in our lives but we also make the right decisions the majority of the time. Sometimes we need to see things in a different light to truly understand what our true path in life. Love ya bunches! Kiss...kiss. :)Sesil

liz kartchner



Margie...love you...sending all my virtual love and positive energy your way...

Donna Hitz

Hugs to you~I'm on the same page this year. Hang on tight to the Lord who knows the way He takes and He has our treasure. XXOO


a new day brings new promises...try to hold on to that positive light from deep within...

Kathy Martin

Wow, so eloquently written! I hope things brighten for your very soon! :)


Keep believing in yourself. You are a beautiful, kind, warm and very talented women. Your kindness and creativity inspires. Sending you lots of hugs and warm wishes that you will find comfort and peace in the people and things you love. Your quote about the future is going somewhere prominent in my life today. It is the message I needed. It just defies the notion that things are spinning out of control. You have made a difference in my life today.

Laura Bohall

hang in there, sistah!


Margie, So sorry you're having a bad week. I know that it's been a tough year, but I know that you'll come shining through. Have faith and hang on!

Patti Snyder

your smile and demeanor bring so much sunshine to others-may that shining light break through your trials and hardships darling and give you what you need-many hugs!


Margie, I know that you are ....but I will say it anyway...hold on...the light does come...the bad fades into the background and you can be happy....just as you wish to be... I have been on many dark journeys in my lifetime... and somehow, someway I have emerged...sometimes only pulled through the darkness by unseen hands that reached out to help guide me into the light....let my hand be one of those you feel urging you on....


you are such an inspiration.

Cherri Engle

Just keep reminding yourself that "God is good, ALL the time". No matter what the circumstance He is not shaken, therefore; you don't have to be. Lean on Him and let His peace take you through. You are a lovely person (inside and out). My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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