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January 06, 2010



I am so excited to welcome you to Advantus! and looking at your inspiration I am dying to see what you have come up with. the pink typewriter adn the photo and glitter. It looks like my pallette for sure! I wish I could attend CHA. But i will jsut have to wait adn watch as the items are revealed here for me. :)

Karen Denson

I am so happy to hear the news. Only more great things to come from Advantus! Can't wait to see all of the new and beautiful things. Between you and Tim I am just counting the days for the complete product releases.


I found your site from a link at Tim's site....LOVE it here! Thank you for the blog! I will be back :)...often :)

Lynne Phelps

Congrats again on the new project, and I LOVE the mod colors on the front door! :-)

johanna (from sweden)

Congrats. This sounds great. To work with something you love. i'm looking for something like this. To earn money with your hobby.
Good luck to you.

pam allen

Congrats how fun for you thanks for sharing with us. I love this industery. You are so right about how easy it is to make friends Have a great day. Love your work

Fiona Shultz

Great word choice for 2010 - it can mean so many things :)

Janet Ang

Can't wait to see you at CHA!


I came here on Tim's advice. I WILL be back! I am in love with that pink door!

Paulien van den Bosch

me too, came to your blog, through Tim.
So happy for you Margie!!!!

Leslie Ashe

Congratulations Margie! I am SO happy for you!!! xoxoxo!! ~Leslie

Donna the hitchhiker

WOW what an accomplishment! You rock, girlfriend!
Can't wait to see your new line at CHA 20~10.

Paula Massie

Congrats Margie!!! Can't wait to see your new line!!! It's always so exiting when new things are coming..
ps...I heard about you from Tim Holtz...so I know if he is recommending you...You have to be FANTASTIC!!!

Francesca S

Congratulations Margie!


I love the quote. And I love that you're designing goodies for us! Congratulations! Enjoy the excitement!


Congrats on the new project Margie!

Cynthia J.S.

Congratulations!!! I found you through Tim´s blog...glad I did too. Good luck with your new adventure and HAVE FUN!!!

Melissa Minor

Love the new door!! I told my DH that I was thinking about repainting our front door and showed him the picture of yours. Hah!

Shirley Smith from Nova Scotia

All the best in your new venture. Following your dreams is a wonderful thing.


Congratulations Margie! I just happened over to your blog because of a link from Tim Holtz; as soon as the pink & green imagery began to appear on my screen, I knew I would love your new line. On closer inspection, I see that I'm right! ;–) I just can't wait to see these products in stores. Best wishes for a successful launch!

ellen vargo

I love that quote from Christopher Reeve - he was such an inspiration. Looking forward to the sneak peeks.

Rockin Robin Caldwell

OK...I would love to win some blog candy. Can't wait to see the collection. Rockin Robin Caldwell (stampinsavage at yahoo dot com)

Barb M.

Great quote. I am looking forward to seeing more of your products.

Rose R

Tim sent me here....:) So things must be happening for you! Congratulations!


that is a beautiful door. open it wide and walk on through

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