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January 08, 2010


kristi o

it would be printed for my calendar dividers tying into Heidi's House of 3 project, then it would be my Friendship cards for the month as well. I can't wait to sell it in my store

KV Creative Designs

I want to recover some old magazine storage cases. These papers would be PERFECT!

Happy New Year & Artful Blessings,


oooh, these look so enticing... Hope I get picked.
thanks, and good luck at CHA!

Heather Shelby

What wouldn't I do with it!?! I would create some cardboard lovelies with some textured and colored backgrounds...adding the beauty paper and embellies to it would just be icing on the cake...not to mention my photos that ROCK! Got to pick me! {Just gotta}!!!

Countrygirlin Md

I would love to not only complete some heritage pages with this collection but I would also love to use more recent pictures with it. Of course any and all scraps would be used on cards or other LOs. Thank you for this wonderful oppurtunity.


Love the Girls' Paperie! Congrats Margie! I can't wait to play . . . so many ideas from the snip-its I've seen!!

erin p

i would make a circle scalloped garland, and then i would string it up around my make up lights, so when i put on my war paint.. i feel like a movie star.


If I had some lovely, new, feminine goodies, I'd be in heaven and play to my heart's content!

Ann in PA

I would make some paper cones to use for Valentines Day and Easter. I like to start early. =)

alex hardy

truthfully, i *might* hoard it. LoL
but seeing your sewing machine in that sneaky peaky, i think a banner for valentine's day would be stinkin' ADORABLE!

wishing you much success!

Olivia L.

What couldn't I do with your fabulous new line?!!! Banners and Books and Mini's, OH MY!!!! Can Not wait for this debut! :D


i love to create cards and 3-d projects. with spring around the corner, i would want to create some cute boxes and bags with these with matching tags and fill them up with candy eggs. goodluck on your new venture! sounds super exciting! :)

Katherine M

I would share it with my daughter so we could make the album I've been trying to put together for her since she & her twin brother were born 9 yrs ago. And no, he doesn't have an album either but making those 2 albums are my resolutions for this year!

Renee J.

Oh, I thanks so much for sharing with us. I just had a thought; for some reason my wedding pictures were not acid free. BUT with the paperie, I could could make the anniversary album of my dreams. Ssssh-secret prezzie for my hubby.

Lori Chadwick

Margie you are simply amazing!!! I would love to make some cute cards and scrapbook pages with your product! It looks perfect for some pretty valentine gift bags too!!! Lori C


So excited about your new products, Margie! Congrats! If I got my hands on some of these papers I'd sit down and make a batch of birthday cards :)


I would craft and craft and craft!!!1 And love it all the while :)

Pam of Memphis

I would create some really cute pages, and maybe some cards with this line of paper


My mom gave me all my pics from when I was a little girl (I'm 56) so I would use this paper for some of those pictures. Love the paper.

Rhonda P

Oh yum. My brother's wedding is in March and I've been toying with the idea of making a mini book to document all the events leading up to the big day. Your papers look just right.

Dawn Johnson

I'd be altering and covering just about anything chipboard in my craftroom!!! LOL Ohhh those colors are just too awesome!

Heather Brown

Congrats!!! Your line is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to play with some!!!! YAY!!!! Now you need to come back to Ever After and teach with those amazing papers. Can't wait!!

Teresa Wilkins

I would so plan a class with the paper and order some at CHA....can't wait to see it.


I would make sample project so that when our order came to the store I would have projects ready to show. I would also start taking pre-orders


Sadly, I'd hoard it because its so awesome! :)

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