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September 09, 2009


jacki janse van rensburg

i like that it makes about 1 million muffins. :-)

it sounds awesome, you probably need 1 million.

can i freeze some for 'emergencies'?




These are fabulous! I think I need to make them this weekend. :)


Just 1 million??? Glad u added the pumpkin hahaha! Hygs

traci in virginia

I made these a couple years ago when I was the "Hospitality" chair for PTA. I still have people calling me for the recipe and asking if I will make them again! I am no longer the Hospitality chair but was thinking I might make them anyway since our teachers all work so hard!
Thanks for sharing this great recipe. I am definitely a fan!


THANK YOU!!! I was about to go into the mad search zone of back blogs to find this recipe of yours :) You have saved me!
And maybe pumpkin is overrated in pumpkin muffins...maybe we could use chocolate pudding instead ;)

Graphics Matrox

These were okay. Not as moist as I was expecting and not as much pumpkin flavor as I would like (the chocolate chips really overwhelm any pumpkin flavor). I think I will substitute more pumpkin in place of some of the oil next time.

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