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September 18, 2009


Stacy Hite


Have a great time. It's not all Sushi. They do have some wonderful food and it's not all seafood either. They do some great spaghetti actually because they love pasta. Try some tempura and Udon noodle.

Stacy Hite

Oh yeah, one more thing...they have Yoshinoya there. Don't know if you have it in Utah but it's sort of a fast food type place where you can get a beef bowl with rice. So, like teriyaki chicken or beef over a bowl of rice. You can point off the menu and show them what want without speaking a word of Japanses. It's very good and very affordable. Many places (McDonald's included) have a menu with pictures and you just point and hold up how every many fingers showing how many you want. Pretty simple.

Linda Cain

Have a wonderful time, Margie, and take pictures! Can't wait to see what goes on.


I'm so happy ,because I enjoyed your class!
Very Very Thank you!and please come again !
Have a safe trip.

Rhonna Farrer

miss you tons. hope you are having fun!


Thank you for coming to Japan, teaching, and leading!!
I spent very happy time.

Thank you really.

Aya(your interpreter)

It was greate to know you and become a friend with you!!!! I had an amazingly wonderful 3 days! You are awesome woman, scrapper, and teacher ever!!!
I can't wait you to come back and get together again!!!
Love you and miss you sooooooooooo much!!!!


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