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September 10, 2009


Lesley AKA hungryheffy

you silly nanna. (well, we've all been there, my trick is to make lasagne without pasta sheets. whooops)


I am glad to find your blog, as I have followed Rhonna I wondered if you have a "Grant" connection. I am jealous of the AU pics. Please say hi to "Mr. President" (Grant) for me, it will bring a little grin to his face. He will know instantly who I am. Tell him I will miss his "recruiting calls."

Christine Scott

So..... where do you add the pumpkin? Before the eggs, after, or before the flour? Just wondering?


try this one...

1 box of Spice cake
1 can of pumpkin
mini chocolate chips

bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes

totally easy, totally good!

Judy in Huntsville AL

Had a friend who borrowed sugar THREE times [bc the 'cookies just didn't taste right']to make peanut butter cookies and left the peanut butter out everytime!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLIE!! My baby is 23 today!


I made these yesterday after I found the recipe here (once again, thanks for not making me go through a backlog of blog entries!) and they are soooooo fantastic!! All of my boys (4) were unable to keep their grubby little mitts off them which is always a sign of a good treat!

Michelle Aguillar

Thanks again Margie! you aren't stupid at all,you just need to apply for comedy central cuz you make my world crack up. LOL

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