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September 12, 2009


Jenn Ryan

Happy Birthday!!

Linda Cain

Happy Birthday, Girl. Getting older beats the alternative! Have a great and wonderful creative year.

Your Friend in ART,

Linda Cain

Judy in Huntsville[al]

love our attitude [as always!] i too have enjoyed my kids at every stage of their lives! love that they are young adults now and we share it such a different and good way!


Just wanted to send you birthday wishes! Glad to hear it was a great one!


Congrats on embracing your 40's!!! Happy Birthday!


WOW! Thanks for sharing your amazing attidtude in spirit!.. What and example you are to me. Thank You. I turned forty last week.. and been seeking women to inspire me. Your definately at the top of my list. Thank you. Glad you had an awesome birthday.! :) Mikel

Jennifer Stewart

You are 44 and FABULOUS! Hope you're having an awesome Sunday. :)



happy birthday margie!!
love you!

Rhonna Farrer

you are THE hippest hoppiest 44 yr. old i know.
love your vim & vigor!

Sharon T

Margie, happy 44th birthday to you! The funny thing is that I actually read this post yesterday, 9-14, on my birthday! I thought about you several times during my big 4-0 birthday yesterday and your cute, positive birthday perspectives. It really made my day better! I wasn't expecting this to be a semi-sad day, but that was where my feelings were heading. Anyhow...sorry to ramble. Just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday, tell you that I love your blog (read it all the time), wish that I had your creative talent, but mostly to thank you for helping me feel happy yesterday. You are such an inspiring lady--and definitely hip! (I love it when my girls tell me that.) Thanks so much again! :)Sharon


You celebrated the 15th anniversary of your 29th birthday! It's gonna be a great year!!!

Paula Wessells

happy belated b-day girlie!!!


Happy belated birthday Auntie! I thought of you on your special day and love that you are keeping it real. I hope to be a 44 year old like you!


you gorgeous thing!

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