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May 27, 2009



always look forward to readingyour blog i saw your facebook note about a giveaway hoot hoot - congrats to the lucky one that gets it enjoy and scrap crop away...


RTweeting you now! Thanks for the opportunity! Best wishes on your new venture!


So amazing! I am so excited for you...and excited to see what is to come. I just know whay you put together is going to be FAB-U-LOUS!!
God Bless :-)
P.S. Putting your link on Facebook and Twitter!

Rosemary Palmer

I love Opryland Hotel. You should see it at Christmas. Hope to run into on Friday. Can't wait for "Lofty" stuff.


Ok-Second try at this, so if you have multiple notes from me, it's not only because I love you-LOL
I can't wait to see what's coming from you and your girls...am posting this on Facebook and Twitter..have to spread the good stuff :-)

Terri Porter

Wish I was in Nashville with you, girlfriend! So excited for Girls' Loft to get started. Will post a link on my blog (not sure exactly who reads it, but whatever) so more people will hear about what you're doing. So excited for you. Have a great time at CKU!

judy in huntsville[al]

check your blog - it's showing up a little skewed - but anyhoooo I can't wait to see what all the girls loft has in store for us! Now go relax, take a ride along the river, and i'll see you Saturday!

Christina Dossola

So glad you are having fun at CKU... wish I was there!!! I am so excited for the preview in a few weeks. I totally understand your butterfly feelings... I went out on my own a few years back and boy was it scary at first. You will do amazing : )

Leah Loy

I have been to the Gaylord one time and loved it. It really is a city within a city. :) I posted this information on my facebook and twitter. Love them both. Don't know what I did without either one :) Have fun and hope I win...I love the girls loft.


i hope you have a great time at CKU! i'm excited for your "lofty" adventures and hope I'm lucky!

gail c

okay- I have not blogged in a while, but I will TODAY and I will spread the word about your new adventure!

Stacy Hite

I love to read your posts and your messages on FB. I just added you to my Twitter so I can follow you. I can't wait for the girls loft. I love you style. This is going to be great! I bought one of the left over Halloween kits you had from a class you taught last Sept/October and I LOVE it!

Avalon, CA


Congrats to you and the girls! I know you will be very successful in your new endeavors!!!!

LeAnne N.

Hope you have lots of fun at CKU. Wish I was there! I can't wait to see what you and the girls have in store for us!! :) :)


Can't wait to see your kits! How exciting!!! :)

Sara Amuso

Can't wait to see what the Girls Loft has come up with! I love the Opryland as well, went to Scrap Etc. two years ago and saw the sights in Nashville ... as I mentioned in Facebook, your right side of the blog is cut off by the pink box (that contains prior posts and twitter)...is it just me?


Love the Gaylord - it is gorgeous! Have fun, and pick me ;)


I want to be there, the Gaylord is just AMAZING! Enjoy CKU - tell Mario hello, he's so nice and fun! Patiently waiting for June 15th and the Lift-off of the Loft!!!

Patrice Plauche

Wish I could be there!


I want to be a Ya-Ya, too! I tweeted and Facebooked this giveaway and The Girls Loft! That counts for two chances, right? Wink, wink! :) Can't wait to see the kits!


You are FB'd girlie! Go Girl's Loft power!!!


You are FB'd, Re-tweeted AND blogged-WooHoo! LOL! i'm thrilled for you guys & can't wait for the big reveal!


this is such and exciting time! can't wait to see all the goods!


So happy for you. Are you sure you didn't mean Pirates of Pensance? Sorry thought it was funny. (Pretty Woman reference) XOXOXO.
I'm a fan of yours no matter what you do. :-)


Hate to say but can't read the whole blog but from what I can read it sounds like you are in heaven - CKU heaven. Wish we could be there - me and my cropping peeps. Hope to actually meet you soon in Lafayette. Gee that's a long time from now isn't it? My friends may cringe that I am telling people... today is my bday and I am offically over the hill but it will not be downhill. Lots of love to keep me up!

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