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March 06, 2009



Oh dearest Margie what very sad news. I of course credit you with every new thing that MM releases on the market. You are a great loss to the world of product design but thank goodness not to the industry. I loved my classes with you so go for it girl. This new direction will be a great success. YOu have already proved your skill on the teaching front. Your touch and presence will be missed on the Making Memories blog. I always thought with Margie at the helm we can always expect consist quality and innovate products from MM. Hopefully us down under here have the joy of your presence soon again.


I think you're great, which is why I was so surprised and sorry to hear your sad news. Hang in there, Margie! I wish you only the best.

Cherri Engle

Sorry to hear that you are going through this 'change'. But the only thing that is constent in life is ***change***. You are handling this with such grace and elegance. You are a person of great character. That's why I enjoy your blog and your life so much. What an inspiration you are to us all!!!


Wow..I'm so sorry to hear the news. As many others have posted, I considered you "the face" of MM...Just remember Margie, you ROCK and nobody can tell you differently!! Can't wait to see what life's next adventure is for you, I know it'll be great!! ((hugs))


OMG! Can you see that we are all shocked too!? But you are so amazing! I can't wait to see what direction you take next. And MM or not, you are my favorite industry star!!!


I commented here several days ago and for some reason that comment doesn't show up so I wanted to post again just to let you know that we are thinking about you and knowing that the future holds great things in store for you. Maybe you can move back to AZ? Everyone here is sending you their love and good wishes.

Brian Kasstle

Oh I know it is may sound trite now but the old adage, "when one door closes....." is so true. Something wonderful is headed your way. Probably when you least expect it!

Connie F.

I am sooo sorry to hear this. You are so amazingly talented - I loved the class I took from you at CKU - you made it so fun and exciting! It is ok to be sad and down for a while, but something even better will come your way and you will be better for it.

Keep your chin up and look to the future---Hugs and prayers for you.

claudia draper

I am so sorry to hear. I was weary (and I still haven't signed up) about signing up for CKU in Nashville after I heard....

Dyana Bryce

I loved your class in Houston. My friend Donna and I love your sense of humor and your ability to make everyone feel welcome. You are a blast and so talented! MM is losing out. Here's to brighter days ahead. God bless you and your family.

Marci K

Besides from being one of the funniest humans alive, you are wonderful woman and a terrific teacher....and you're AWESOME. I can't wait to see what wonderful thing God has in store for you next ;)

Sherry Grove

Margie, I'm speechless. Down but not out is right! I enjoy your lovely work and your beautiful spirit! You are an overcomer! Go for the gold, girl!


MM wont be the same without you. Good luck finding the next great thing!

Kristi Ottmar

sista! you are MM to me
now this whole choosing a word for the year.... change... and it bit you in the hinny. Last year mine was Hope and it bit me too. so much I couldn't chose a word this year. I am so encouraged though, you said that you already have windows opening and there will be many, you are an amazing, talented woman, someone will swoop in and get you right away. I can't wait to see where you land! Blessings and love

Karen in Houston

So very sorry about this, but what comes to mind is this:
God doesn't close a door without opening a window, and it sounds like you may have some windows opening. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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