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March 06, 2009


Judy in Huntsville[al]

I echo all of the above - willbe praying that bright new doors open for you soon! - been a fan of yours since the deluxe designs days!


It's terrible to hear this, but I'M SURE better things will come your way SOON :) You are GREAT!

Nina Jasper

Let me join in the condolences. Please let us know what you're up to via your blog. A lot of us will follow you. It's a frightening time for us all. CKU won't be the same without you.

kiss kiss



Margie...I have not had the opportunity to take a class of yours but your work has always inspired me....here is to hoping that much better is around the corner for you.


oh Margie:( you are like the only reason I worked with MM stuff your ideas were always so ph-nom!!!! I am so sad!!!! Well maybe this change is what you needed..good luck and you are truly blessed with so much so keep it up...and like they say when one door shuts for whatever reason another opens so please keep us updated because your name is always one I look for when doing stuff


Wow, I am sorry to hear this. You represent MM so well - I can't imagine anyone filling your shoes. Just know that many thoughts are lifting you at this time, and I an hoping you find the next opportunity bigger and better!

Erin Noll

Margie I am so sad to hear the news. I associate MM with your smiling face. i due truly believe things happen for a reason and you are on to bigger and better things. You are amazing.

Angie Lucas

Margie, I'm so sorry! You will do great things because you simply rock in so many ways. I can absolutely relate about doors closing and new doors opening. It WILL happen for you...hang in there!!


Well, like everyone else, I'm completely blown away by this news. I had been worrying about you after reading your Facebook posts and am glad at least that there are no problems with your family. But I know this is a BIG blow, but one that I know you will face with your usual grace and good humor. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this will mean you can move back to AZ! You will be in my thoughts and prayers, my friend.

Kim and Ted


I am so sorry to hear this, I was so looking forward to seeing you again at CKU after we had such a ball with the stingrays during Ultimate Scrapbookin Cruise. Keep your spirits up if you can. As talented as you, places would be crazy not to snap you up in a heartbeat. Keep us posted and please remember best wishes and thoughts are with you everyday.

Kim and Ted


Sorry to hear you are leaving MM, but please do not quit teaching, you are exceptional at this. I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes with you and the joy you bring to them.

Thea White

Margie- MM's loss really is our gain. We'll be watching you and following you.I had a blast being your TA at CKU-Chicago and learn quite a few teaching techniques!! Here's to bigger and better opportunities.



Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know that this has to be a door opening to something bigger for you!


I don't know you, but you must be one terrific gal because this is all over the scrapbook news!!!
The only advise I can give you is, nothing is by chance. Take this as a great opportunity of something bigger and greater about to happen in your life!! I wish you all the luck and happiness!!

Tracy Madsen

They have lost the BEST person that ever could help them succeed.. You are an amazing and wonderful person and soul and you will totally succeed in your life no matter where you are. Wherever Margie is then I will follow... You are my hero.. and not in a psycho kinda way!!!! hehe I am a better person and artist because of meeting you and that will always be yours.. Remember who you are gal!!!!
luv your gutz,
Crazy T
owner of OSS

Michele Van Horn


Although I do not know you well, through Scrap St. Louis, indeed we are "sisters" and sisters are there for each other always in good times and bad times!!!! I will be thinking of you and saying extra prayers for you that you may find the new direction your life is going in easily and with a smile and no more tears! Also, there will be an extra guardian angel or two at your side aiding you in this transition of this part of your life! Keep that wonderful smile on your face and in your heart and you can get through anything!!!! I know this as I have been there, too! Just also remember all your friends are "holding you up", too!!!!

Love & ((((Hugs}}}}}
Your "sister" in StL.,


Margie...I was at the very first CKU Masters class you taught for MM in 2004(remember the dye?)I have talked with you at CHA and have watched as MM's design team created incredible collections under your talent and direction. I think that they have lost the flippin minds! I can't wait to see who is smart enough to embrace your talent. I'll be following as will so many others..much love and big hugs.

Mary Ann

I'm so sorry to hear this :(
Keep us all updated on where we can find you. Better things are to come my friend.
Mary Ann

Melanie aka browneyedgirl

Margie Girl,
you will always and forever be MY Girl! No matter what company you represent (remember those dorky deluxe cuts color blocking templates?). That is how I first met you at a class and no matter what you will always be one of my favorite teachers ever. You are such a bright, sunny and inspiration light, never give up teaching, it's what you were born to do...(well that and stand-up comedy!) LOL
Remember we love you and will support you no matter what is next on your plate.
HUGS, Kisses, Support, all the way from Washington State.
Mel (who was on the Ultimate SB Cruise with you this January!)

Carol G

Margie--I have thought about you all day long. I loved all my classes with you at various CKUs. I admired your creativity with MM lines like Noteworthy. Most of all, I love your funny, bubbly personality. This will turn out to be a new opportunity for you and I know we will all be looking for the next classes you will be teaching. Hang in there, girl. We love you!

Faye Warriner

I am so sad that this has happened. I was going to take your album track this year. I loved seeing your at CHA and will pray that God has great things available to you in the future.
God Bless


I feel so sorry for you, but i´m sure MM doesn´t know what they lost. You have been my first teacher in scrappbooking and you lite a fire. It was not the collection it is your personality and your passion and the happyness that you carry. ( is it right to say so, I´m German, and not always really sure about my English).
But after all it opens the chance for something new and that means for me always a chance for something better.
All the best for you and your family

Jules Eickmeier

I am so sorry to hear this news. Come teach for us at RR...we love you muchly there!


This is so sad! What a loss for MM. I hope this unexpected change for you opens lots of new doors and that the opportunities they bring are wonderful for you! Sending lots of hugs.

Chere Mortensen

Margie, I am sad to hear that you are leaving MM but glad to know that you will still be teaching. I met you as a teacher on the Ultimate Cruise 2009. Your room was two doors down from mine. I ask you to dress me because you always look great. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for you. Keep us posted.

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