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March 06, 2009


Leslie Kiley

Hey Girl, This is going to be a new adventure for you and a chance to try new things! You are one of the most AWESOME ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and your talent and beautiful nature will take you to wonderful places! I can't wait to see what's next for you.


Thinking of you, Margie. Huge hugs.

Suz Gray

You are such a great talent & I wish the best for you in the future whatever you do. MM will not be the same without you.


Just to let you know that I am thinking of you and giving you a BIG HUG TOO... Everything is going to be all right!!!!!
: )

Michelle Devine

This is a big shock. I think of you when thinking MM. But as others have said, there will always be more opportunities out there for such a fun and creative gal. Change is good. It keeps us growing. Please keep us up to speed on what is in store for you.


Rhonna Farrer

hugs, my dear...you know i love you!

becky olsen

You are such a fun girl, and have such a great attitude that this change will be a bridge to something exciting!
Transitions aren't easy, so sill be thinking of you and sending my prayers.


Wow! I am in shock! MM was in a slump until you came along. Definitely their loss. I am sure the offers will be pouring in for you! I think you are one talented and Awesome Chick!

Robyn W.

I'm so sorry to hear this Margie! What will MM do without your happy attitude and smile? That makes me sad! No doubt that you will find another fit for you in no time - your an amazing person! Love you girl!

Debbie H

Margie, such sad news! You were such an inspiration in the MM track at CKU Nashville in 2007, I was so honored to be your student! Best of luck in all your endeavors, I am sure we'll be "seeing" you soon! Love ya.

Deb H


I was shocked and sad to hear the news. I'm really sorry. I hope you are ok and I wish you all the best. It will not be the same without you there when I get back!

Teresa Wilkins

OMG, girl. MM has made a horrible mistake! You ARE Making Memories. You have inspired me over the years. Your personality just bubbles and I know you will find a better opportunity. Love you bunches. Oh, Mike says "hello".


Now I'm glad I got to do the Make n Take at the last CHA with you. I've stood in long lines at each show just to have that opportunity and now it means that much more to me.

Wow! I'm shocked - just like everyone else but you're so talented. It won't be long before you have something and I can't wait to see what it is!

Splash of Color

You are amazing and have touched so many over the years - myself included. Great things are in the near future for you!

Candi Tardio

i am very shocked to hear this sad news! just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! you are such a creative girl and i know there will be great things ahead for you!!!!

Michelle Aguilar

Wow, Margie, boo hoo! I am sorry to hear this as I just saw the title page"change" and wondered what it was and was thinking, oh not her work. But, Change is good, it opens up so many other opportunities. I am thankful/greatful that I got to take the SBE class from you as I never know when I would see you again!

Maybe now just maybe you can fly down like Mrs. Lesli and teach a class the next day like hers.

I hope your ok and you stay strong, and just know you are LOVED by all!!!

take care

Kim Bolyard

this is breaks my heart...you are one of the best things about Making Memories...you are a wonderful and positive person and I know great things will come your way...hang in there

love ya


margie, i have never taken a class from you but so hope to someday! i was shocked to hear your news. as far as i'm concerned, you are the face of MM. i know the economy is rough and am sad that it has personally affected you. keep smiling!! you are loved!!!

Natalie M

MARGIE! I feel like such a dummy cause I just barely read this! You have always been a blast to work with, and I know whatever projects you work on in the future will be awesome. Hope we can work together again soon!


i'm so sorry to read something like this. you were like the voice of MM & i am really going to miss you. loves of love & hugs to you sweetie! SMOOCHES!!!


Margie, So sorry to hear this. I love your style and your creativity. I know you'll reinvent and be awesome!!! I hope to be in one of your classes in the future.


Hi Margie, I am sad that the Making Memories Chapter of your career is ending but something tells me you are about to begin something wonderful. You have always spread sunshine wherever you go,and you make the scrapping world more fun! I can't wait to hear about your next adventures. xoxo tena


I always check your blog throught the MM blog and today you were missing, I knew something was up. Glad to hear you are moving on and always smiling. I will continue to check on you and wish all the Best in everything and anything you do.


i just met you at cha with suzy west. and i'm so so sad to hear this news. i know you'll do wonderful things whatever you choose next.
loving Him and you,

connie capron-hastings

margie, you have such a great attitude! can't wait to see what is instore next for you. {{{hugs}}} connie

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