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March 06, 2009


Scrappy Val

I'm so sad .. you are an awesome MM ambassador ..I totally loved your Remember Album class at CKU even though I have all boys -we made do and the line was beautiful and the best part was that you taught it so patiently and so professionally ...My heart is broken for you as I could see that you loved what you were doing for them ...their loss for sure .. Please keep us updated on what you're doing next ..would love to have you come teach in TX at our lss .. Big hugs ~ Scrappy Val

Nancy Wyatt

A closing door is always a chance at brighter opportunities! You are one of the most creative women I have gotten to know via blog land and I am sure you will find something bigger and better! Blessings to you and your family from Texas!

Emily Barklage

Oh no! So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you and hoping we'll still see you at Scrap St. Louis!!


I am so sad, Margie. :( Everything you do inspires me and I am so happy that you are going to teach and find a way to make this into a good thing. :)


m- yikes... i was SHOCKED to hear... and i am sooo sorrY! i am sure you have amazing windows to fly through! you are awesome and loved.

Meghan E

So sorry to hear that your time at MM is up. I'm sure you will find something even bigger and better!


Hey Girlfriend!
I understand your feelings of sadness now but I'm 100% sure you'll find something else, maybe even somthing better IN NO TIME AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I know you will be SICK of hearing from me. I was so taken back yesterday to get your email. I just literally was in shock and my heart HURT for you. I have been thinking of you nonstop. I just want you to feel loved and know that it will be okay!!!! It's okay to have a big ole pity party...eat lots of crud- but then PICK yourself up towards bigger and better things.

Your loved and supported!!!

tanya watts

oh dear, i am sad for you too! it is a shame when these things happen and unexpected! but be sure that a door never cloeses without reason! there are opportunities out there for you! you will see!!!! don't be down for to long sweetie!

big hug, tanya xox


Shocked and sad. I love your work and have truly enjoyed taking classes with you at CKUs. Hang in there. As others have said, once the dust settles, maybe there's a silver lining.
Take care.


I know there will be better things for you ahead. We had massive unplanned layoffs this week at my employer, I can related to the tough times. Brighter days are coming!

Lindsay Teague

you have been my "face" to MM for many years, Margie! You will have great new opportunities in front of you because of the good work you did for MM! :) No worries!



Keep your head up. Bigger and better things will come your way, b/c you are such a great person, I can tell even only in the blog world!

Jana D

Here's more hugs.

Dale Anne

Sorry to hear this news....you are right tho, as one door closes another opens and I see you going thru that door on your own journey.

rebecca l shelor

margie... I'm so shocked....
I know that you'll not look back, that you'll move forward and excell in your next artistic endeavor... and that you'll be back with a vengence...but for now I know you are sad, and I too am sad...so hugs to you... sending positive vibes...

rebecca l shelor

I am so shocked...
I know that you'll not look back, that you'll excell in your next artistic endeavor...but for now I know you are sad, and I'm sad too. Sending you hugs, and positive vibes


I'm so sorry Margie. I hate it that so many scrapbooking super stars are facing this. I took two classes from you -- 2004 in Nashville and 2005 in Utah. Great classes. I still have some stuff in my stash that came from those classes.

Keep us up to date on your next venture, please.

Kaelene Zapata

I know this can be devastating . . . . I'm losing my job too! Elder Wirthlin said "Put your trust in the Lord. Do your best and leave the rest for Him." That's where we have to put ourselves, in His hands!
I must say, though, that I am so relieved that nothing happened to any of your family members . . . I was worried for you! ♥


I am SO terribly sad for you. MM will forever be changed because of what you brought to them. And now they will forever be changed due to your absence. I will miss your amazing touches on MM but I'm looking forward to you teaching more. LOVED LOVED LOVED meeting you & taking your classes in PA and helping to get you to & from the LSS. And I look forward to experiencing that even more! Sending you hugs & support.


I'm absolutely shocked and sad to hear this news. You were the best thing ever for MM. It won't be the same without you.

Love you and sending many cyber hugs your way!!!!

Toni xoxoxoxoxo


I wish you the BEST! You are such a fabulous inspiration and at every event I went to I looked for Margie to take her classes you always made the classes fun and inspiring to go home and keep on scrapping. You will be crowned a new Princess someplace wonderful! Hugs Grace


love you! xx

Dixie Wilson

Margie you are so unbelievably talented, you want to down for long. Prayers for you and hugs and kisses.......


MIchelle Nees

I'm so sorry to hear this! The Making Memories booth at CHA will never be the same without you there! I wish you all the best with where life takes you next. Sending you love, hugs and prayers!!

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