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September 14, 2008


wendy myers

I check on your blog occasionally, you are so busy all the time I don't know how you do it. These pictures from Africa are totally amazing, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings on your trip.

Have a great time


Ooh looked so pretty . . safe travels


Hi there!!! SO enjoyed your class! Hope to see you soon again, either in Utah or South Africa ;-). Travel back safely. Jenna Clifford Girl :-)

Cristina  Devalle

Thanks for a great class at the Convention, hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in South Africa. Chiara says HI to your son.


Loved your class Margie and thanks for the lovely goodies. Enjoy your stay here in SA and chat real soon on our blogs.

Mary Ann

What a wonderful experience for you. I loved the picture of you with the beautiful children...Keep blogging!

Sophia Allison

Just wanted to say thank you for such an awesome class in South Africa loved it all...great meeting you again!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip...


Sorry I am just getting around to this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I totally remembered the day of, but forgot to mention it. Hopefully it was wonderful in South Africa!

Jenny in Maine

WHat a wonderful experience!! I am a tad bit {green} with envy. THank you for documenting your trip with us Margie!!


Jenn Mallett

Margie Girlfriend! How are you? I can't believe I ran onto your blog! You look great and the kids are so grown up. I hope everyone is great and would love to see you in Phx or slc. Jenn Mallett

Rene Real

Hi there Soul Sister! It was so nice seeing you again! You are looking great!! Your class was wonderful!

Hope to see you again real soon! Stay in touch!

Lots of love
René (Soul sister)

Michelle Aguilar

oh you look so good! Hey did I tell you I got in to CE this year????? I have been waiting from the beginning to get in and then finally. I was so excited and this year was the best!

I know of a few people that are going to the cruise also.

that is great as I don't know as I might get sea sick.

I did get a very generous donation from MM for our yahoo party and I am working on a nice card and photos to thank them.

Nice to follow your blog here and there.

take care of you

Joan Wheeler

Hi Margie Thank you for a wonderful class at the Convention (I was in your 1st class) you really set the tone for a inspiring 2 days. I have some photos I would like to send you. Please can you help me I have lost my 6 inch steel ruler from Making Memories and was wondering if I can order one.
Joan Wheeler

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