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December 12, 2007


jill barrett

just beautiful!


This is one of my favorites as well!! Now to convince my DH CKU is a 'need' and not just a want!


WOW! Again, Margie - you are awesome. This is so wonderful. I did a 'me' album when Em was here and it's one of my favorites. It was hard to start, but then it got going. It is Em-style and this one is totally-M-style. Wish I could see Chi-town in my future, but alas, I don't. You go girl and enjoy the season!
love, hugs, kisses, and d-dr.pepper!

Terri B in Oregon

Margie, love the album, it is totally FAB looking! Wish I could go, but alas, the mortgage and car payments seem to take priority! Also, I just read the "mean girl" post. What an idiot that person was! High school quickly becomes ancient history soon after you leave. We all mature and change and become (hopefully) better people, though not so much for the poster. She needs help and not the kind that you can give her! Hurrah for emailing her back and letting her know about the "real" you! PS. anyone who judges people by their outward appearances hasn't matured a bit since high school! Have a wonderful Christmas in Hawaii! And a fantastic and prosperous New Year!!


Hi Margie!

I registered to CKU Chicago next year, and will be in your album track. I loved your teching in Nashville this year! I just love your style and most of all your sense of humor. let me know if you need something from brazil that i can bring with me!

take care and have wonderfull Xmas!

Fafa from Brazil

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