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December 01, 2007



hahaha! i LOVE THIS STORY! it will be passed down through generations i'm sure ;)


hahaha this was a "GREAT" story. I used to do it to my mom and my explanation was: Jesus was not suposed to be there (born) until the 25th and every year I still put him back and say "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" LOL! I am 41! Thanks for the laugh! Hugz Grace

Jill Jarvis

I almost didn't think it was really you until I read the kiddos names. Enjoy the blessings this season has in store for you!


GREAT story!!

michelle hill

that is a great story...:) love it...have a good weekend...i was at the pineapple ALL day teaching...so fun...


What a gorgeous tale?! I had a good giggle.

Debi Calandrelle

Great story! No matter how frustrating it was at the time, you are now looking back on it as fond memories of days passed. Thanks for sharing...

Pam Black

You make me laugh girlfriend!
Where do you come up with this stuff?
Oh....I forgot....it's your LIFE! Have a good one, miss you! ;>)


Now that is a funny tradition and a hilarious story!!

Christina D

I have to admit all of us grown up kiddos started the same thing with my mom about 7 years ago. Somehow each year she thinks we will stop but it is just too fun and of course now totally a tradition. The best was when my 3 yr old niece carried it up to her during Christmas Eve dinner and said" It's a christmas Miracle" as she handed him over! Have a Happy Holiday!!!


So maybe I should be very thankful my nativity scene is knitted and Baby Jesus is stitched into the manger!....

Mary Ann

Love the story! And this is how family traditions start.
I want to see a layout you do about this!!!!!! (just for your own personal album though...maybe not so good to see in a MM book) ha ha :)
thanks for sharing.


omg, too darn funny!!!! I can see you now! Love those boys!


I can so relate with you about the hole in the wall. Stress - was that in the marriage contract? Kids were young. DH always got up bright and early and did his get-ready for work thing and gone! Mo help getting the kids up, ready, fed, dashed off to day care, then I had to dash back home to catch my bus on time to go to work. Anyway, the kids never wanted to get up and they always argued about it. Obe morning, late already, I'm trying to get them up to no avail and I start yelling at them to get up. No is all I could hear. I was mad so I turned and hit the wall with my fist and OMG, my fist went through the drywall. Dead silence all around. They were up and at em. I've hated that moment ever since. And I had to learn to balance motherhood, home maker, wife and career differently! ... I love that they still play the game with you - it's very personal!

Sue McG

ROFLMAO - kudos to you for telling the story :) My son likes to add his touch to our beautifully decorated tree - he waits til no-one is looking and slips toy soldiers, tanks and planes onto the branches. The first year it drove me CRAZY, now it's just a funny family tradition, what's a mother to do??

Tracy S in TN

LOL, gasp, ROFL!!!


Okay, just a lurker here.. but you could think of it as a religous expeirence. I mean, looking all over your house for the baby Jesus, is like looking for Christ in our lives everyday.

Melissa Cavanaugh

Ms. Margie
Oh, thank you for the laugh, stressful days indeed... loved the comments...
Melissa C

Roni Hunt

OMGoodness, MRA!!! ROFLMAO! My brothers tortured my mother (& all 4 of us girls) with antics such as that. But how funny are the kids! Now we laugh about all the things the boys did to us!! I wouldn't change one thing they did!! And hiding Baby Jesus will be one of those things your family will laugh about forever!

Layle Koncar

"Where's the damn baby jesus" - what a hoot! Are you up for a quick lunch before the holidays?

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu



Love that story. I am kind of at that breaking point at this very moment so it is always nice to know that I am not the only one who freaks out at my kid sometimes.


Okay, was laughing so hard my sides hurt and I am crying. My DD thinks I am nuts. I used to also be very, shall we say "anal" about the way everything is decorated for the holidays. Now, we are lucky to have any decorations up at all. If it wasn't for the girls putting everything up this year I don't think I would bother. Would rather just sit and scrapbook than worry about all that!

Thanks for the pick up!

Kiera Black

Oh, that was too funny. Thank you for sharing the story and making me laugh.


That's a great story!!!

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