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December 18, 2007


Peg Graham

Margie- Relax. Take your time. Unwind. Enjoy. Renew. Soak it in.

You deserve a wonderful vacation!

Mele Kalikimaka!!!


Enjoy your time away with family!!


WOW I am so jealous of you in Hawaii, never been but someday. Have a great Christmas with your loved ones and I hope 2008 brings you more happiness then ever before.



I know you've been on a rat race so just relax and have a wonderful vacation! Merry Christmas my friend.


Melissa Cavanaugh

Ms. Margie
Enjoy your well desrved vacation... drink lots of diet dp and slather on the sun screen! Melissa

Terri B in Oregon

Have a wonderful Christmas, and happy New Year! Get some sun for me!! Aloha

Missy Sue Hanson

Oh, please "hang loose" a little for me!!! LOL....love your blog!!!


have fun we were there last year...try lydgate beach...great for the kids and no stress snorkling.

Michelle Payne

Have a Merry Happy Christmas with your beautiful family Margie. I have to admit, I's so jealous. Warm breezes and waves crashing is so much sweeter than cold winds and rain any day!!!


I closed my eyes for just a second, and imagined myself sitting on that sandy beach with the sun beating on my face... waves crashing. And it seemed like such a nice reprieve from the snow amidst me now (VT). Have a LOVELY holiday, and may you savor the spirit of the beautiful season. Aloha! My husband was born in Hawaii, and we hope to travel there someday with our children.

Roni Hunt

Merry Christmas, Ms. Margie!! Enjoy your well deserved rest with your family! Just kick back with the sun, sand, surf, and fam!
xxoo roni


Hey Margie - was clicking through Tim's list of blogs and happened upon yours. I have met you a few times as shows in the past year...and was excited to have found your blog. Have a wonderful time in the sun...relax...enjoy...recoup...you work so hard and are just such an awesome person. Have a very Merry Christmas...and congrats on CKU

Christina Witkowski

Merry Christmas!

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