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December 31, 2007



Happy New Years Margie !!

Hope to see you at RR in 2008


What a gorgeous post. You enrich our live Margie. I did a photo collage on my blog last night of the best of 2007 and our douwnunder pic is featured. Spending time with you in Brisbane was one of the highlights of my year. I was touched by your warmth, kindness and generosity. Thanks so much girl. All the very best for a great 2008.


You've accomplished a lot in 2007! Looking forward to reconnecting with you in February. :)


And Happy New Year!!!!

cheryl mezzetti

Have a happy and healthy new year!


I hope that you have a great year filled with lots of Love, Happiness, Joy and Prosperity.


Happy New Year Margie
Hope you get to DO all that you want in 2008


Margie - I am grateful that you came to RR and I was able to meet you in person. You are a gift to us all! Last year my "Ali" word was BELIVE! I was so unhappy to have to give up that word. But I've decided I don't have to give it up...I'm just choosing another word to describe this year!
So, here's wishes to you and your family for a 2008 filled with good health, much love, great happiness, and only great MOMENTS!!!


ahhh...such great memories. you are so blessed.
what a koinky dink...my word for 2008 is "do" too. love the "do what you love, love what you do" quote...totally going to write that down and create something with that.
happy new year!

Terri B in Oregon

Happy New Year! My hope is that your 2008 will just as full of life and prosperity. My word for 2008 is "Enjoy", and I am going to, everything!



I was just looking at your beatiful scraproom, and i noticed your Lamp on you table. i have to ask where you got that. The lamp shade is the same material that is in my daugthers room for her bedding. I will have to email you a pitcure of it. And I love your room!!!

Jolene George

How neat to see a whole re-cap of the year. We've only been married a month longer than you two. 21 years last March.
DO is a great word and I can't help but think of President Kimball when I hear that word. Love it!


Hi There,

Feel kinda funny commenting on your blog, but anyway I Highlighted you on my blog this morning. I visit your blog every once in a while, I like alot, something about your words make me feel like I know you, I am truley inspired by this post so today I am going home and start my 2008 Highlights to remember book, not that mine are going to be 1/2 as exciting as your travels, but imortant to me just the same.

Thanks for the inspiration

cheryl mezzetti

miss you! Hope you are okay.

Judi Gilmore

Margie I have been inspired by your post. I wrote out my highlights from the year and it was quite interesting. I can't wait to do a posting as well as a collage of events. I have also been keeping better notes in my day timer for next. Thanks for the inspiration.

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