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October 22, 2007



I L-O-V-E everything about it!


simply Fantabulous! Thanks for sharing and letting me drool yet again! LOL!


You go girl I am so inspired! Pink and green are my colors. Hope you do mine me stealing some ideas!

René Real

Awesome! I love the pink & green - my fav combo!! Wish I could duplicate your studio.....it is stunning!

Lotsa love
(RSA - remember the cruise???)


Ohhhhh, Margie-Margie-Margie! I love-love-love your workspace!!!! I have those Ikea shelves on my Christmas list!!! I know they will change my life forever. I am preparing all my stuff for a January 2008 makeover and this pix give me even more ideas!! Of course my sewing room shares my scrapping habit! But it all goes together anyway!
xxoo - Roni in Florida!


You LUCKY girl! Love your studio, I will scrap there in my dreams...
Amy =)


I sooooooooo love your room. Thank you for giving us the inside scoop to your room ,, very inspiring!!


All right - I have to post again about your room...I absolutel L-O-V-E it! I must have gone back to the photos about 72 times a day since you posted them. I have drooled all over my keyboard and have just been so inspired! You know what is the best part of it? You shared all the steps and time it took. I think we all quickly assume these things just get done in one day. It's nice to see the process take its course. Thank you, our Divine Ms. M, for sharing that with us!
Roni in FL.


I don't know who you are but I just found your blog randomly and I have to tell you that I'm insanely jealous of this room!!! It's amazing!


I have the same IKEA shelf if it's the Expedite. What size are the paper holders on the bottom. I have Cropper Hopper but they don't fit in the cubes. I love yours though!!


I have the same Ikea cube too, what type of paper holders do you use? cuz cropper hoppers will not fit into that thing! Please let me know what you use. I am considering getting rid of my cube because the croppers don't fit.

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