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July 29, 2014


Melanni Partridge

Great blog post. I think we can all relate. I haven't art journeled in a while but I am looking forward to this class so very much. I did a Circle Journal not long ago where my journal theme for that round was on the same topic. I look back to it often. Actually it sits on my night stand...thats how often I need reminding.

Love You and Love This!

Beth Williams

Guess who deleted the e-mail with supply list and FB group link? Yup that would be me-could you please send it to me again.


I don't FB, will that be an issue for participating in this class??

Lauren E

I signed up last night, and received my receipt from PayPal, but haven't received any additional information. Am I missing an email? A previous commenter mentioned an email with a supply list and FB info. Looking forward to the class!

Renee Joy

Thank you so much, Margie!! This workshop sounds absolutely awesome; I can't wait for it to start....Yayyy!!

lisa hampton

Do you stilll have kits?

Jo Myhill

crumbs, what can I say but yep, yep, yep. So many words echoed where I am at the moment. Great post, lots to think about. Jo

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