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January 21, 2014


Amy Miles


Barbara Frazier

So I read this blog post and when you talked about the art group and being intimidated, etc. all I could think about is what they could learn from YOU. From a personal level, I can tell you that I didn't put my craftyness into FULL GEAR until I attended Spark 3 ..... so, what I learned that year because of YOU and the instructors was immeasurable.

Nancy Wyatt

Love this. Love you. And boy does all this hit home! I cancelled an artsy weekend because I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough. Thanks for nudging me to step out of my comfort zone! I too am working on letting go. Last year was the year I made changes and they were so good for me sometimes some friends/things/places aren't what are meant to stay in our lives. Sometimes they were just an experience. Love you! Hugs from Conroe, TX

Terri Galvan

I so love you sweet friend! Everything about you is just fabulous! I need to focus on so many things this year- that's why I chose focus as my OLW. I too compare & it is so naughty!! Especially because we are all blessed with different talents & each one of us are so blessed to have each other to help us nurture our talents & help them grow. i am so happy to know you & blessed!!
Love you!


I just saw your finished Valentine on IG and LOVE it!!!!! I want to make one. You are such an inspiration for good and for creativity. Thank you so very much!! I love watching and re-watching your spark classes. Even if I am behind by months, they give me a spark when I need one.

I would never have thought you would feel the way you described. Thanks for sharing. I need to push myself, too.

You're the best!

alicia king

art comes in all forms! we just choose our favorite media to express ourselves. you my friend are talented! explore new options you are a creative girl!

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