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January 11, 2013




Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Love the colors & patterns! Have fun!

Darci W

I absolutely LOVE this line. I haven't gotten excited about new product in a long time & this one did it for me. Must have it all! Can't wait to get my hands on it!


Margie, I love the colors.They are good enough to eat!! Gorgeous!! and I love the larger words. These are perfect for mixed media projects!!

Melinda T

Gorgeous! I love the colors! So fun and pretty!


so excited to buy everything. How long will it be for me ?


gorgeous, as usual!!! FABRIC WOMAN>>>WE NEED FABRIC!!;) love every piece, seriously.


Loving this so much! The colors are absolutely perfect! Can't wait to get my hands on this one for my Daughter's High School Senior Scrapbook. Enjoy getting to know you via IG.

Sincerely, Shan from @familybringsjoy

Christy O.

Absolutely love this. The colors are wonderful! The name is perfect also.

Dondi Murdock

Am I too late? I love these colors! Some of them seem almost tropical. Winter cannot end soon enough for me. Haven't been able to connect to your site for months because I'm living in China where I'm usually locked out. I'm coming home in a few months to the US. I'd love to find this collection waiting for me!

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