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August 31, 2012


Renee J.

Oh, Margie, your post has been tearing up with happy tears! I am so happy for you and your family!! I hope that you have the most wonderful time ever!!

Love you,

Renee xox


gosh i am so glad that lady up there said something about tears...for some reason this post made me get a big ole lump in my throat and i though maybe i was pmsing or something.;D love, love, love your happiness. big hug sista!

Renee J.

Marci, it is nice to meet you! Yes, it is wonderful how we all can share in the happiness for you and you family, Margie!! You are awesome!!

Kim S (nerdgrl)

Love going to the Fair (and by that I mean the MN State Fair). We go every year...for the same reasons you and your family do. It's so much fun...and don't forget the people watching. Amazing!

Regina F

Margie, are you going to Spark the Fall????
I am so looking forward to another event with you. I had to pass on the last one. Please let us know. I am sure there are others wishing the same


YES! working on it NOW!
kiss kiss

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