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July 06, 2012



So happy for you- I could explode!! I believe in miracles.


So so very happy for you Margie!!!!!!!

Michelle Meisenbach

I love every word of this post. and even more, the events that created it. God Bless both of you. Miracles happen thru the grace of God!!!

sherry grove

ya ya ya ya ya! I am so very happy for you all!


You deserve all the beautiful happiness there is to offer!


Awesome news!!! Happy for you.

Nancy Wyatt

Such a blessing, so happy for you my friend!! Love you and Love that you were able to stand up and take that break but then know where your heart belonged. Love you! Hugs!!

Jen Osborn

This makes me really REALLY happy for you both.
Having been with Larry for over 25 years, I know how hard it can sometimes be to like the one you love ... and even harder to love yourself when you don't like where life is taking you. I'm glad you realized all those things above before it was too late! Big huge enormous love & hugs to you both - cause sometimes your heart has to tell you brain to shut up and just listen for once :)


I heard about your new boyfriend! So happy for you both.

Meghan Roth

So so happy for your Margie :)

Jennifer Rodriguez

Beyond words happy for you.. XO


I have never stopped praying for you and for this. I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!'

Leah C

A beautiful love story...and so wonderful that you found your way back to him. Wishing you both all the best:)


Wishing you many many more years together, growing and loving!


beautiful YOU...

my cup runneth over!!!!

i am so happy for you .... you are SO full of love for others .... i am over the moon that you are taking some of that back for yourself!!!


lizzy kartchner

I am so thrilled for you!





Quite possibly my favorite blog post of yours ever! LOVE! <3


L.O.V.E you

Heidi Meyer

So, so happy for you!! You both radiate joy in those pics. xxoo Heidi

Erica Hettwer

Now that's a love story! <3

Martha Richardson

What a beautiful post... Sometimes we have to un-do to re-do!!!

Mary-Kay Tilden

Wow! Very happy for you Margie. That is terrific news!


I do love a happy beginning! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!! So happy for all of you!

Barbara Frazier

LIFE ... ain't it grand ?!?!?
Congratulations to the whole family.


I couldn't be more happier for you!
Many XO's........

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