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June 18, 2012



I'm a sunshine girl too - my morning routine begins with opening all curtain/blinds on 22 windows. I love letting the sunshine in! Have a great productive day :)

Nancy Wyatt

Well, hmmm. I'm not a Monday girl and I guess it's because I'm not in love with my job, ha!. But, you have given me something to think about. And the story of your grandfather was so sweet! Hugs from Conroe, TX


you m. are many people's sunshine here on your blog...
keep on spreadin' it!


you know...sunshiney is just how i would describe you. that granddad of yours hit it right on the nail.;D


You can afford to love Mondays...you have the most fabulous job ever!!


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Just a girl: Monday. let the light in.

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