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June 01, 2012



I look forward to Spark 4 2013!! I so want to be there!! Thank you for all you do! We all need time to take care of ourselves!!!!


I love you sweet friend and so proud of you for listening to your heart, mind and body.


Margie...I am so proud of you for following your heart. That took a lot of courage.:D
You are an amazing woman and we will be there with bells on in 2013!!
Remember there are many who want to help you bring your dreams to reality. Love you sweet lady.:D

Lori Shrout

Love you Margie. We all need to take care of ourselves sometimes, very glad you are taking care of you. (((HUGS)))

Claudia Arias

We'll see you in 2013 with bells and whistles!! Take care!!

Debbie F.

No worries- we can wait until next summer...it is TOTALLY worth it!

Meghan R

I know it was a hard decision to make, but I'm certain it will be the right one. Give yourself the time you need for YOU and Spark will benefit in the end :)

Judy in Huntsville - AL

Hang in there and find something for YOU to do to re-fresh your soul once again [don't we all need to that again and agian on occassion?] Love you and alwyas [[always]] wish you the best! Looking forward to Spark 2013!!!

Jennifer Patrick

I'll be there with bells on whenever you have Spark 4. It will be great and I can't wait to see you. Take good care of yourself. I'm thinking about you!! You're a rock star! Hugs - Jenn

alicia king

very hard decision to make, but you know what is best for you! i'm always sad that i couldn't ever make it to one, either i was pregnant or just had a baby or moving...and this one another baby, lol! i'd love to help for next years if you need it!

Nicole Maki


It thrills me to no end to see that you re following your heart and taking care of your needs first. As women we tend to be 'pleasers' (sorry to generalize along gender roles) and end up putting ourselves pretty low on the list.

Reading your blog the last few years and seeing all your personal growth has been so inspiring. On many occasions I've let out a little cheer of history for you.

Sending lots of happiness your way today.

Nicole Maki

P.S. Silly auto-correct.

It should have said, " a little cheer or VICTORY..."


I had a feeling that you were not going to do it in the Fall, if you had I would have thought that you have too much going on. Now, since it's all about me, I am so glad. I've been unemployed for over a year and there is mo way I could make it this year. I was blessed to be there last year using miles and points. Have a great summer, and take it easy (as possible). (I was the one that there wasn't enough food for and you were freaked! I really didnt care. Y'all ordered pizza and I was barely hungry from all of the other delicious meals.)

Jackie Banyai

We will see you 2013 then.
But until then come with me to scrapping girlfriends in Twin and play with Wendy Vecchi on Aug. 3 &4, I'll drive.

Robin Blackman

I'll be there friend! Take care. xoxo

Jen Clark

I didn't know about Spark 1 & 2, and by the time I learned about Spark 3, i just couldn't save enough $ to make it...being disabled but not receiving disability at the time...but I have watched you follow your heart and make changes in your life, and I had a feeling Spark 4 wasn't going to happen this year, even though I had it sort of "penciled in" on my list for this year...I loved Spark Your Spring...I still have bits of it in my family room and craft room, and my kids loved it too...I have learned so much from you, more than just art, but heart stuff and life stuff...and I'm proud of you for making the difficult but necessary decision...I know that one day, we WILL meet in person, and our souls will know we are sisters! My mom was just diagnosed with cancer, while I was visiting her, completely out of the blue, and so if Spark 4 had been this year, I probably wouldn't have been able to attend AGAIN...not that it is all about me...but this way, I *will* be able to be there...it will be in INK on my calendar, the minute you give the dates! xoxo jen

Cathe Holden

Though I am sad I won't have SPARK the Event to juice me up this year, I'll be there with bells on when the time is right. Great for you for doing the best thing for YOU! Even more reason you're a phenomenal example of nurturing one's self. We all adore you Margie, and support you like sista's would.


I will be there whenever you are ready. So grateful for your example and being honest to yourself and what you need!

Larissa Heskett =)

YEAH!! Looking forward to my SECOND spark event and I KNOW it will be AMAZING!! THANKS for sharing and I hope you have a FABULOUS SUMMER GIRLIE!! =)

Staci @ {this} and {that}

sometimes it takes courage to truly follow your heart-I am glad you felt that courage to do so. This makes me happy, because now I can actually attend #4 cuz it will give me even more time to save for it!!


This? This is one of those reminders I need every now and then. All I hope is you won't take a break from Twitter. ;)



see how much you have G*R*O*W*N?
listening to your heart...
good for you!
you just *SPARKED* me by taking care of yourself...a wonderful reminder!


We can wait. Take care of you!


Margie, I am sending LOTS of love your way, and totally understand where you're coming from! I cannot wait until Spark 4, so this just gives us even more time to be excited!


I am sure it was a hard decision for you, but I am reallllly glad that this momma has more time to save for a trip!!! I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to be able to attend my very first Spark event! XOXO

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